Today, the Minister for the care of the village, Milan Krkobabić, opened the manifestation “Harvest Day” in the village of Neuzina in the municipality of Sečanj and wished a fruitful family.

“Let the harvest be fruitful, and Vojvodina equal and peaceful. It will be enough for us in Serbia, and we will be able to feed others,” Krkobabic said.

He expects the “purchase price to be appropriate”.

“Someone will buy this wheat, someone will store it, someone will export it and someone will make good money. But in that profit, we must not forget about the producer. Because next year, if there are no such producers, it will hardly be possible to to buy and store and export “, stated Krkobabić.

The president of the Academic Board for the village, academician Dragan Škorić, assessed that the yields are good.

“Yields are good, which means that the recommendation of the profession is respected and that we should continue to work on the transfer of knowledge and technology,” he said.

The Provincial Secretary for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Cedomir Bozic, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, Bosko Vucurevic, the President of the Municipality of Secanj, Predrag Radjenovic, Professors Zoran Keserovic and Zarko Ilin also addressed the audience.

The traditional manifestation in the village of Neuzina, organized by the Cooperative Union of Vojvodina, symbolizes the beginning of the wheat harvest, because bringing the first results of the work of farmers is an important day of the year for them.

This event draws attention to the importance of wheat production, as a strategic product for national food security, and since the agricultural cooperative “Agrosoj Neuzina”, through which wheat is traded, is the backbone of the development of this Banat village, this is an important day for all cooperatives. and the inhabitants of Nauzin.

Through the program “500 cooperatives in 500 villages”, which was implemented by the Cabinet of Minister Milan Krkobabic, and now continued by the Ministry of Village Care, 70 million dinars have been invested in the Central Banat District in the past four years.

The work of five agricultural cooperatives, two of which are from the municipality of Secanj, was helped with non-refundable funds.

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