Starting this year, Serbia has started systematically subsidizing energy efficiency, through a pilot project of financial assistance to citizens to replace outdated carpentry, insulate buildings, replace individual fireplaces and switch to heating with cleaner energy sources, which is in line with new guidelines in the country’s energy policy. The Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlović, pointed out that this is a project of public interest.

“It is simple, the national goal is to increase energy efficiency, that is, to reduce energy intensity. Serbia is a country that has infamous statistics when it comes to energy efficiency. We really spend 40 percent more energy than our friends in the EU spend. It is not a question of how much someone spends around us, but whether it is normal today and whether we are so rich that we can waste resources, throw so much energy and resources out the window. ”

The project involves subsidies of 50 percent of the value of the investment, which will be given in equal amounts by the state and local governments, while the rest will be financed by citizens themselves. Half of the local self-governments, which already had money in the budget for these purposes, applied for participation, followed by a competition for the selection of companies that will perform the works, after which the citizens will apply for subsidies.

“Through the projects we are working on, I believe that we will succeed in reducing the consumption of both heat and electricity, and we are sure of at least 20 percent in the next four years.” We have already started the energy efficiency project for the population, “said Mihajlović.

There are about three million facilities in Serbia that need energy rehabilitation. For the citizens, half of the funds they have to invest in the replacement of carpentry or proper insulation of the building are mostly unattainable, which is why the state is negotiating with banks about favorable loans for that purpose.

“We expect to make good cooperation with international financial institutions. Not everything can be paid from the budget. We will certainly have creditors to work with, and we will have a lot more money next year. I expect that in 2022, we will spend at least 150 million faiths on energy efficiency, “Mihajlović added.

The relevant ministry believes that energy efficiency actually represents a new energy capacity of Serbia, because the savings in the consumption of electricity and heat are equal to the construction of another power plant in Serbia.

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