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Wall Street futures point to a mixed trend: the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 are up (0.56%, and 0.3%, respectively), but the Nasdaq is down 0.2% – apparently in response to a US presidential order “Against the” anti-competitive “actions of large tech companies.


While the DAX and POTSI are trading up 0.7%, similar to opening gains, the French stock exchanges are up 1.6%. Louis Vuitton shares are up 3.13%.


European stock exchanges opened with slight gains: Of the major stock exchanges on the continent, France leads the gains with a rise of 0.9%, followed by Germany with 0.8%, and finally the UK with 0.6%.

After the sharp declines throughout the day, the Asian stock markets closed in a better position: the Nikkei index fell from about 2%, to a decline of 0.63%, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges closed with “only” declines of 0.04%, and 0.24%.


Red in Asia: The Japan Stock Exchange is down 1.8%, the Shanghai and Shenzhen indices are down 0.7% and 1% (respectively), and the South Korean stock markets are down 1.5%. On the other hand, the Hong Kong index is currently up 0.5%.

The declines in Asia are due in part to the re-emergence of the corona plague around the world, and specifically in Japan – where a state of emergency has been declared that will cause the Tokyo Olympics to be held without a crowd.

In the digital currency market, Bitcoin remained around $ 33,000 after declining last night.

This morning, GDP data will be released in the UK, and later in the day the Governor of the Bank of England and the President of the European Bank will speak. The European Bank will also publish its monetary policy account. In the number employed today at noon.

Yesterday the Wall Street trading day closed down 0.7% -0.9% in the leading indices. Trading opened with fairly sharp declines of about 1.5% but later they moderated. European stocks closed down 1.7% -2%.

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