UniCredit Bank announced today that Global Finance magazine has named it the best bank to provide custody services to international investors (podcasti) in 2021 in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region for the twelfth time in a row.

In addition to this regional recognition, Unicredit Bank was named the best custodian bank in eight individual countries, including Serbia, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovenia, the statement said, noting that Unicredit Bank Serbia is the eighth award in a row.

As specified, the awards for each region and country are determined by the editorial board of Global Finance, guided by market research, expert opinion, customer relations using custody services, as well as applications from banks to select institutions that reliably provide the best custody services on individual markets and regions.

Criteria included customer relations, service quality, competitive prices, smooth resolution of non-standard situations, technology platforms, activities after settlement of transactions with financial instruments, business continuity plans, knowledge of local regulations and practices with Unicredit’s expertise in regulating the securities services market. Unicredit pointed out in relation to other service providers.

Julia Romhanji, Global Director for Custody Affairs at Unicredit Group, stated the focus of Bamka in the last 10 years on providing quality services tailored to the needs of clients and on digital solutions.

“We are pleased that our continued efforts and strong position in the region have been recognized, and especially emphasize our commitment during the pandemic, when we provided continuous service. I am proud of dedicated teams across countries that allow us to maintain leadership, providing excellent service when it’s about custody business, “she said.

Aleksandra Rasic, a member of the Executive Board and director of the Corporate and Investment Banking Department of Unicredit Bank, pointed out that the bank has shown for the eighth time in a row that it fully justifies the recognition as the best bank for providing custody services in Serbia.

“For us, this recognition is more of a motive to continue to be a dedicated and reliable partner to our clients and the economy of our country,” Rasic said.

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