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Trading on the European stock markets moved into negative territory, with the DAX losing close to 0.5%, the Potsy weakening by 0.4% and the CAC trading stable. The Amsterdam and Zurich stock exchanges are strengthening.

In Germany, the car stocks that are losing ground (Volkswagen and BMW) stand out, as well as Deutsche Bank, which is separated by 2%.

Trading on Wall Street futures is going up moderately. The contract on the Nasdaq is up 0.4%, the S&P is up 0.15%. The contract on the Dow Jones is trading without significant fluctuations. Prominent in early trading is Ethlon Medical, which has reported success in treating Corona in patients who have been in critical condition, leaping hundreds of percent. AMC weakened in pre-trade by 4.2%.


Shares of CLOV continue to soar and rise another 16% in early trading after rising 85% yesterday.

Allot It is reported today that Tier-1 mobile operator in Asia Pacific has opted for Allot’s 5P NetProtect solution to provide end – to – end protection against denial of service (DDoS) attacks and bots (Botnet) on its 5G network.


A mixed trend in Europe and in contracts on Wall Street indices.

Deutsche Bank economists note in their weekly review that the latest U.S. labor market data will have a short-term impediment to a reduction in Fed policy as the next hurdle will be the May Consumer Price Index released on Thursday. The labor market may be focused on the “employment gap” and overheating of the economy. Despite a shortage of workers in some sectors, the employment gap is expected to remain high for a long time except for specific sectors which will make the Fed’s austerity plans prudent and flexible. Bottom line: Concerns about inflation in the United States will continue but the existing employment gap will remain large. “


European Stock Exchange Day opened with a mixed trend. Trading in New York indices is stable.

Bitcoin is currently trading at a 4% increase around $ 34,200 per unit, and Etherium is trading at a 1% increase for $ 2,515.


Trading in Asia is on a mixed trend this morning. This is after the day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange was conducted in light movements and closed in a mixed trend: the Nasdaq index rose by 0.3%, the Dow Jones index weakened by 0.1% and the S&P 500 closed stable.

Trading in New York indices is stable, and the yield on 10-year US government bonds stands at about 1.53%.

The crypto market is stabilizing today after sharp declines yesterday. Bitcoin is trading around $ 32,800 per unit, and Etherium is trading at $ 2,430.

A Brent oil contract rose slightly to $ 72.5 a barrel and gold rose slightly to $ 1,897 an ounce.

Ofer Klein, head of the economics and research division at Harel Insurance and Finance, notes in his weekly review that tomorrow (Thursday), the US consumer price index is expected to be published in May, when “our expectation is a 0.4% index, which will bring inflation in the last 12 months to 4.6. % (And after the next index to 5% then you will start falling).

“The US Federal Reserve has announced that by the end of the year it plans to sell its corporate securities portfolio for about $ 14 billion, but we estimate the relatively small amount (the entire market is close to $ 10 trillion) is not expected to affect margins. The Fed’s announcement last year that it would buy up to $ 750 billion (combined with another loan program), including bonds below the investment rating, was one of the main factors contributing to the sharp ‘correction’ in the financial markets, a decrease in credit spreads and a normal flow of credit. Knowing that in the next crisis (there will always be more crises) this ‘ammunition’ is in the hands of the central bank greatly reduces the risk of a similar increase in average margins in the future.These publications along with continued improvement in the labor market strengthen our assessment that the bank’s next move will be to reduce bond purchases. Government, and we continue to believe that the probability of rising yields is higher than the probability of falling. “

On Thursday, “despite the rise in inflation, the central bank in the eurozone is not expected to blink this week in the eurozone. Inflation is expected to continue rising in the coming months. With a rise of almost 8% in the producer price index, this is why we expect inflation However, after deducting food and energy prices, inflation is not so high, so we expect the ECB Governor to announce in the interest rate announcement this week (Thursday) that the increased bond purchase rate will continue, and that they are not close to discussing a reduction. . This is despite the fact that we expect the bank to update upward growth and inflation forecasts, “Klein writes.

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