Private companies do not have money from their income to pay the minimum monthly salary of 300 euros, so they will have to fire someone, professor of the Faculty of Economics Danica Popović assessed for the “Nova” newspaper.

“There is nothing from that story about our economic growth. We have now had a decline due to kovid, as well as other countries, and our growth, which will happen now, should only cover that decline,” said Popovic, commenting on the announcement of the President of Serbia. Aleksandar Vučić that the minimum salary will be increased from 32,000 to around 35,000 dinars next year.

She asked where she was seen in the family, in the neighborhood, that some entrepreneur had started a business and that he was successful, and added that she had not heard of it.

“You have the only way to succeed here, and that is to join the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and to win from public procurement, and they will build, say, Dusanova (street in Belgrade) for another 17 years for that money.” , said Popovic.

She pointed out that the problem with foreign companies is that they work directly with (Aleksandar) Vučić and bypass any domestic law that bothers them.

“It is not our fault that the company is foreign, but the president who leads this country as if we were that reptilian part of the zoo,” said Popović.

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