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Nova today unveiled its new Nova 500 strategic plan, providing insights into the company’s performance and business operations, technological growth engines, forecasts for the global chip market and its impact on the company’s growth, and future strategic directions. The company’s investors’ conference presented the company’s flagship plan for the coming years, which aims to increase its organic revenues to $ 500 million by 2024.

Ethan Oppenheim, President and CEO of Nova, said at the conference that “We are increasing investment in disruptive technologies that will propel our future growth forward. We rely on advanced and accurate hardware systems combined with state-of-the-art software engines, to measure thousands of advanced chips quickly and thus enable our customers to increase their productivity and shorten the time the products arrive on the market. The company believes that under the new plan the quarterly earnings will reach the dollar per share based on NON GAAP (in the last quarter the company presented earnings of 70 cents per share based on NON GAAP) “.


Trading on European stock exchanges opened with slight declines. Trading on Wall Street Indices is a mixed trend.

In the crypto market, bitcoin weakened 1.4% to around $ 31,900 and etherium fell 2% to $ 1,880.


Asian stock markets are trading in a negative trend today and trading in Wall Street indices is also declining slightly. This is after last night’s trading day on the New York Stock Exchange ended in red territory: the Dow Jones and S&P 500 indices weakened by 0.3%, the Nasdaq index fell by 0.4%.

In the commodity arena, a Brent oil contract fell slightly to $ 76.2 a barrel and gold rose slightly to $ 1,813 an ounce.

The reporting season in the US began this week and today before the opening of trading will publish Bank of America, BlackRock, Delta Airlines, Wells Fargo and Citigroup reports.

Deutsche Bank economists note in their weekly review of the reporting season that “aggregate profit is expected to increase by 64% compared to the same quarter last year when revenue is expected to increase by 19.7%. And 273.3% respectively.) In Europe the manufacturing sector (an increase of 513.6% compared to last year) and the cyclical consumption sector (an increase of 321.4% compared to last year) are expected to show the highest increase for the 2nd quarter when the real estate sector (minus 44.6% Compared to last year) and the health sector (minus 0.8% compared to last year) will have the lowest growth rate. Bottom line: The expected profit forecast for the second quarter may be revised upwards sharply in both the United States and Europe. “

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