The open civic platform “Akcija” announced today that it has a plan to restore dignity to agricultural producers not to throw away or distribute agricultural products free of charge, which means paying 200 euros in subsidies per hectare and providing 50 percent of grants for investments.

“With a 200-euro subsidy to each farmer per hectare, as provided by the Green Agreement for Serbia and harmonization with EU policy, our producers will not have to throw away their products or share them for free due to the low purchase price,” the statement said.

It is added that the state’s negligence for agriculture has led to farmers throwing away or distributing their products for free because they cannot recoup or invest what they have sold, let alone earn and live decently from the work they do.

With its program, “Akcija” also advocates irrigating each field, 50 percent of non-refundable funds for all investments in agriculture paid in advance and agricultural loans with one percent interest.

It is, as it is stated, “sustainable agriculture, a plan that will stimulate the launch of new and long-term development jobs instead of buying short-term social peace.”

The open civic platform, as it is stated, “sees agriculture as one of the key factors in preserving the environment and agricultural policy occupies one of the most important places in the Green Agreement for Serbia, which aims to restore dignity to agricultural producers.”

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