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The trading day on Wall Street opened with slight price declines of about 0.2%, following the negative trend recorded during the day in futures contracts. In Eugene Loses about 3% following a change in the contraindication to the drug Aduhelm, which is open to Alzheimer’s patients.

Colmax Capital Markets has issued a “buy” recommendation on a stock Virgin Galactic , Of billionaire Richard Brensen. Dr. Ron Eichel’s review shows that the company’s reports were disappointing in relation to forecasts, but given that the company is on the right path to success – having completed its first commercial flight into space this week, ahead of its competitors in the space tourism market – next year’s reports may look different. For the coming week in a positive trend with most indicators supporting the price increase and giving a Buy rating. The Oscillators indicator is Neutral and the momentum indicator gives the stock a Sell rating, “the review noted.

Compugen The dual reported today the start of treatment in the first patient as part of the Phase 1 clinical trial for the combined treatment of COM902 and COM701 in patients with advanced cancerous tumors.

In Europe there are still declines, with the German DAX losing 1.1%, the French Kak down 1.2% and the British Potsy retreating 1%.


Macro USA: The number of initial unemployment claims in the week ending July 10 totaled 360,000, according to forecasts. In the week before that, 386 unemployment claims had been registered, so this is a slight improvement. The number of unemployment claims of the unemployed is 3.2 million, a decrease of 126,000 a week.

Wall Street futures are down 0.3% for the S&P 500 and 0.4% for the Dow Jones. Nasdaq contracts are trading steadily.

Trade in Europe continues to be on a negative trend. Dax drops 0.8%, Kak and Potsey drop 0.7%. The Madrid Stock Exchange loses over 1%, the Portuguese index weakens by 1.2%.

The crypto market is down slightly, with Bitcoin trading around $ 31.7 thousand, Heather at $ 1,900, the Ripple down at 58 cents and Dogecoin at 18 cents.


Declines in European stock markets, leading stock indices retreating 0.8% -1%. On Wall Street, trading is expected to open in a mixed trend.

Gilat announced today that it has received additional orders in the amount of $ 2 million to support Gateways of satellite groups in low satellite orbit (LEO. The orders were received as part of a contract previously reported by the company.


A mixed trend in European stock exchanges and in trading contracts on New York Stock Exchange indices.

Shares of Siemens Gamza fell about 13% after the company issued a profit warning for the second quarter. The share of the parent company Siemens Energy also falls by about 8%.


The day of trading on European stock exchanges opened with slight declines in stock indices.

In trading on Wall Street indices the trend is mixed, and the yield on 10-year US government bonds drops to 1.33%.


Asian stock markets are trading in a mixed trend today, after trading closed in New York yesterday in a mixed trend, with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 strengthening by 0.1% and the Nasdaq down 0.2%.

In trading on Wall Street indices the trend is mixed, and the yield on 10-year US government bonds stands at about 1.33%.

In the macro segment, it was reported in China today that the economy expanded at an annual rate of 7.9% in the second quarter of 2021 (compared to the same quarter last year). Economists expected growth of 8.1% so the figure was lower than expected.

Retail sales in China recorded a 12.1% increase in June compared to last year, more than the early forecast of economists which stood at 11%.

A Brent oil contract is now down 0.7% to $ 74.3 a barrel. The Wall Street Journal reported that OPEC member states reached a compromise with the UAE and agreed to remove the cap on the amount of oil the country would be allowed to pump, as part of a broader agreement with Russia-led oil-producing countries to increase world supplies, people close to the issue said. The compromise reached between Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s de facto leader and the United Arab Emirates is conditional on the agreement of the cartel and the wider group, OPEC +, for which no date has yet been set. OPEC + includes Russia and the oil-producing countries it leads.

This means that any new produce from the enlarged production agreement reached earlier this month – but halted due to opposition from the UAE – will not hit the markets immediately. Other OPEC countries could take advantage of the concessions made for the UAE to seek an increase in their output within the group, representatives say.

Earlier this month, OPEC agreed with Russia-led group to increase output to meet rising demand and rising prices. The group cut output by 9.7 million barrels of oil a day early last year, roughly equivalent to 10% of global demand at the time.

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