Slight declines on Wall Street;  Weeks dives 20% after the reports are published

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As the same futures contracts, trading on Wall Street opened up slightly. NASDAQ is down 0.8%, Dow Jones is down 0.3% and S & P500 is down 0.4%.

Weeks Submarines more than 20% against the background of the publication of the reports (see previous update) and mainly because contrary to habit in the past, it does not provide an annual forecast for 2022, due to the uncertainty resulting from the corona and the macroeconomic situation. Its forecast for the first quarter is for revenues of $ 338-343 million, a figure lower than market forecasts, which reflects relatively modest growth of 12%.

More in the Israeli reports:

Iron Source Topped forecasts in the fourth quarter and provided a higher-than-expected growth forecast for the first quarter of 2022 and for the entire year. Revenue grew by 67% in 2021 to $ 553 million. In the fourth quarter, revenue grew 46% compared to the same quarter last year and totaled $ 158 million. On a non-GAAP basis, quarterly net income reached $ 50.2 million (an increase of 86.4%) and in 2021 overall profit climbed 93.9% to $ 171 million. Net earnings per share (5 cents for the quarter and 17 cents for the full year) were 3 cents higher than market forecasts.

SimilarWeb Bypassed analysts’ forecasts in revenue and presented a net loss in line with forecasts. SimilarWeb, which provides a platform for measuring and predicting website behavior, posted revenue of $ 40.2 million in the fourth quarter, up 51% from the same quarter last year, while analysts expected revenue of $ 37.8 million. Bottom line, the net non-GAAP loss per share was 26 cents, as analysts had expected.


Macro USA: Retail sales in January rose by 3.8%, a figure much higher than the forecast of 2%. The figure for December was corrected from a decrease of 1.9% to a decrease of 2.5%. The change in the core index (excluding cars) is an increase of 3.3%, while an increase of only 0.8% was expected. Export and import price indices also recorded higher data than forecast – an increase of 2.9% and 2%, respectively.

Meanwhile, inflation data in Canada were published, according to which the consumer price index rose by 0.9% in January (compared with an expected increase of 0.6%), an increase of 5.1% on an annual basis – also above the expectation of inflation of 4.8%.


Celebrity It has surpassed analysts’ forecasts as well as the previously updated revenue forecast it delivered in the past, ending 2021 with a 26% growth in revenue to $ 246 million. On a non-GAAP basis, excluding financial income and other accounting items, net income for the quarter was $ 5.2 million, which is 3 cents a share, higher than a cent of analysts’ forecasts. Non-GAAP annual net income was $ 38 million, an increase of 73%. Adjusted EBITDA in 2021 reached $ 47.9 million. Looking ahead, the company expects revenue of $ 285-300 million in 2022, a growth of 16% -22%, a figure higher than analysts’ forecasts.


Stock Weeks Falling 15% in early trading after the company reported ending 2021 with 29% growth in revenue of $ 1.27 billion, of which about $ 328 million in the fourth quarter, slightly below analysts’ forecasts. This maintained the growth rate of 2020, which was a record year for the company against the backdrop of the corona. Contrary to previous habits, the company does not provide an annual forecast for 2022 due to the uncertainty arising from the corona and the macroeconomic situation. The quarterly forecast it provides is for revenue of $ 338-343 million in the first quarter, lower than market forecasts.

Company Solaredge The solar energy company surpassed analysts’ forecasts in revenue but posted a lower-than-expected profit in the fourth quarter, while providing a high revenue forecast for the first quarter. The company, managed by Zvi Lando, a provider of systems for monitoring and optimizing solar energy and solutions in the fields of energy storage, recorded revenue of $ 552 million in the quarter, a growth of 54% from the corresponding quarter, ending 2021 with growth of 34.6% and revenue of $ 1.96 billion. This is despite the component crisis and the increase in transportation costs, which hurt profit rates but not revenue.

GAAP net income was $ 41 million for the quarter and $ 169 million in 2021, and on a non-GAAP basis, after deducting various accounting items, earnings were $ 62.8 million, which is $ 1.1 per share, and for the full year was $ 273 million. An increase of 21.6% from 2020. In the first quarter, Solaredge’s expects revenue to be 10% higher than analysts’ forecasts, $ 615-645 million, but gross profit will play from 32.5% in the corresponding quarter to 28% -30%.


A mixed trend in Europe now, after the NATO alliance recently announced that Russia is once again stepping up forces on the Ukrainian border.

Trading in US stock market indices is stable.

Following the publication of company reports Siva Oppenheimer notes that “Siva published results above expectations, with 21% growth in total revenue and 77% in licensing activity, including an addition from the acquisition of Intrinsix, high growth that offset the weakness in revenues from the cellular market. Siva management provided a forecast for 2022 above the consensus “Digitally, but reported that it intends to simultaneously increase its expenses due to the development of new products. We are maintaining our Outperform recommendation on the CEVA share with a target price of $ 58.”


Trading on the European stock exchanges opened with slight gains in the leading stock indices. Trading on the futures of the top three Wall Street indices is now down slightly 0.1% -0.3%.

In Tokyo, the trading day ended with a 2.2% rise in the Nikkei index.


The UK consumer price index fell 0.1% in January, compared with economists’ expectations of a 0.2% drop. In the last 12 months, the CPI in the Kingdom has risen 5.5% compared to the expected 5.4% rise.


Trading on Asian stock markets is on a positive trend. The Nikkei index in Tokyo is up 2.2%, the Shanghai index is up slightly, and the Hang Seng index is up 1.2%.

This is after China reported today that the consumer price index rose by 0.9% in January (in the last 12 months), compared to an expected increase of 1%. The China Manufacturer’s Price Index (PPI) rose 9.1% in January compared to an expected 9.5% rise.

The day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange closed last night with price increases following Russia’s announcement that some of its soldiers training on the Ukrainian border will return to bases. The Nasdaq was up 2.4%, the Dow was up 1.2% and the S&P 500 was up 1.6%.

Trading on the futures of the top three Wall Street indices is now down slightly 0.1% -0.3%.

Today (21:00 Israel time) the minutes from the last meeting of the Fed’s “Open Markets Committee” will be published.

Oil contracts trade steadily: Brent’s April delivery traded around $ 93.3 a barrel, and a WTI March contract traded around $ 92.2 a barrel. This, after sharp declines yesterday.

In the crypto arena, stability is recorded: Bitcoin is trading around $ 44,100. An April contract for an ounce of gold also traded steadily around $ 1,855.

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