In Croatia, a package of measures of 4.8 billion kuna to mitigate the growth of energy prices
The Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, presented today in Zagreb a package of measures to mitigate the growth of energy prices worth 4.8 billion kuna (637.5 million euros), which includes limiting the growth of electricity and gas prices, but also reducing VAT on food.He said that the measures limit the growth of electricity prices to 9.6 percent, and gas to an average of up to 20 percent. In addition, as he pointed out, the VAT rate on gas and thermal energy will be permanently reduced from 25 to 13 percent, the same amount as on electricity. Plenković added that he will temporarily reduce the VAT on gas to five percent from April 1 this year to March 31 next year.

“If we had not brought a package of measures worth 4.8 billion kuna, which aims to reduce the growth of energy prices for households from April 1 to the lowest possible level, gas would have risen by 79 percent and electricity by 23 percent,” Plenković said. global rise in energy prices, which has led to higher prices.

As part of the measures, households that use gas will receive state aid directly at the expense of ten lipa per kilowatt-hour (KWh), and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with an average annual consumption of up to 10 gigawatt-hours 15 lipa per KWh.

The package applies to households, assistance for gas costs for households, tax relief, social benefits for citizens at risk of energy poverty, in addition to pensioners one-time compensation, for companies support for gas costs to entrepreneurs, as well as a special support program for farmers and fishermen “, the Croatian Prime Minister emphasized.

The package includes a reduction in the VAT rate on food, including 13 to 5 percent for fresh meat and fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables, baby food, edible oils and fats, agricultural costs from 25 to five percent, and sanitary pads. and tampons are 25 to 13 percent.

VAT on tickets for sports, cultural and other events is reduced from 25 and 13 percent to five percent.

More than 700,000 pensioners who receive a pension of up to 4,000 kuna (530 euros) will receive an energy supplement from 400 (53 euros) to 1,200 kuna (160 euros), depending on the amount of income.

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