Tourist guides in Serbia have until June 16 to apply for state aid for the first time due to inability to work while the coronavirus pandemic lasts, but it is not clear from the terms of the call who will receive two minimum salaries, said today the representative of the Association of Tourist Guides Milica Lenasi –

She told Beta that the general conditions for help are that the guide does not work on occasional jobs, that he is not a pensioner and entrepreneur, that he renewed his license until March this year, and that he is a citizen of Serbia.

“The final decision on the right to assistance with two minimum salaries of 30,900 dinars will be made by the commission of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, but it is not clear whether something else will be evaluated in addition to the general conditions,” Lenasi said.

She added that 1,175 tourist guides and 45 accompanying groups renewed their licenses, but it is not known how many people did the job of tourist guide, although they are pensioners who are now excluded from the right to assistance.

Lenassi believes that a small number of tourist guides will be entitled to help because many had to find any other job in order to pay the bills and survive for 15 months during the pandemic.

The aid, as announced, should be paid for July and August, so it is assumed that the commission must finish writing by the end of June.

Lenasi said that from January 1, 2022, tourist guides will have a new obligation to carry the fiscal cash register with them and to register every job because they are not exempted from that obligation as lawyers.

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