Italian exports are flying, in 2021 levels higher than those of 2019

Overall in 2021, exports are booming (+ 18.2%) and rises to levels above those of 2019, according to Istat. Overall, the data relating to the past year, photograph a growth of 18.2%, more sustained towards EU countries (+ 20.0%) than non-EU markets (+ 16.3%).

Growth mainly driven by the increase in sales of base metals and metal products, excluding machinery and plants (+ 26.0%), machinery and equipment nec (+ 14.7%), refined petroleum products (+70.5 %), chemicals and substances (+ 19.0%) and means of transport, excluding motor vehicles (+ 19.5%).

Solo the export of pharmaceutical, chemical-medicinal and botanical items is decreasingand (-2.2%). In the year 2021, the trade surplus reaches +50,416 million (from +63,289 in 2020) while the surplus in the trade of non-energy products reaches +89,452 million (it was +85,656 in 2020).

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