AGI – In the energy transition “we must not leave anyone behind. It is necessary to be fair. It is a technological transition for which we must invest in research and development because it is thanks to technology that we will be able to achieve zero emissions by 2050”. This was stated by Eni’s CEO and president of the B20 Action Council ‘Sustainability & Global Emergencies’, Claudio Descalzi speaking at a B20-OECD event.

“We have to look at technology without any ideology because technology is not a religion but a tool for solving problems. If we assume that technology is a religion we will not be able to solve the problems “, he stressed.

“We must be open to using all the different technologies to achieve the goals”, remarked Descalzi. “We have to set ourselves ambitious targets, and that’s what Europe is doing, we need to put a lot of capital into it but this is not enough. We need to find solutions to involve everyone. We need to consider the existing infrastructures that can be very useful in decarbonising, we need to capture CO2 , we need to focus on the circular economy “, noted Descalzi.

It is important “to understand how to go forward by helping the people who need this money to grow and develop”, he said, speaking of Africa which needs “energy and development”. The environmental issue must be addressed together with the “economic and social” issues because it is essential “that all companies grow, not only the OECD countries” but also those that are currently lagging behind, he concluded.

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