Israel: The new port in Ashdod received the first dry cargo vessel for unloading

Bulk carrier ASYA S was the first general cargo vessel to be accepted at the new South Port in Ashdod, operated by the Swiss company TIL.

According to Kalkalist, the ship was accepted for unloading at the South Port, as it was equipped with its own cranes, and TIL was interested in testing port systems.

In full format, servicing of vessels with general cargo in the South Port will begin in April, when stationary cranes will be installed in it.

According to the owner of the cargo, the service at the South Port saved him 2 million shekels, significantly reducing the downtime on the roadstead and unloading in the old port of Ashdod.

Recall that last week the first dry cargo ship with general cargo was unloaded at the “Port of the Gulf” (“Namal a-Mifrats”) in Haifa. The first ship to be unloaded in the port was the Anastasia bulk carrier with 4,000 tons of construction fittings, which was also equipped with its own cranes.

It should be noted that at the moment, more than 50 ships are waiting in line at the roadstead of both state ports (Ashdod and Haifa), waiting for unloading. The vast majority of these are general cargo ships (i.e., not container ships or vehicles loaded with vehicles).

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