The public company Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) announced today that it will file a criminal complaint against the association “Efektiva”, which they accused of “deceiving” the citizens by claiming that EPS repeatedly charges interest to old debtors.

Stating that they operate in accordance with the law, EPS said that after the expiration of the deadline for payment of bills, default interest is calculated, and that when calculating interest on unpaid receivables, they apply the method of calculating default interest and the default interest rate prescribed by default law.

“Default interest rate is determined annually in the amount of the reference interest rate of the National Bank of Serbia increased by eight percentage points. Default interest is calculated by applying a simple interest account of one hundred and decursive method of calculation, without accrual of accrued default interest to the principal at the end of the accounting period.” is a statement.

It is added that on each monthly bill that is delivered to the electricity customers, the calculated interest is also calculated, which was calculated for the delay in the previous month.

“This interest consists of the calculation of interest on the unpaid principal debt from previous months for the period of delay in that month, as well as the interest on the unpaid principal debt for the previous month from the due date. in later settlements “, they stated from EPS and added that such a principle of interest calculation is” absolutely in accordance with the law “.

Earlier, the representative of “Efektiva”, Jovan Ristic, accused EPS of calculating “interest on interest” to citizens who have old debts, which, as he said, is prohibited by the law on obligatory relations.

“EPS does not collect the amount that refers to a month, but the sum of that monthly receivable and debts from previous accounting periods. When the invoice is due, interest is calculated on the sum of a specific monthly receivable and previous receivables, which has already been paid once. or interest calculated several times “, stated Ristic.

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