Will the increase in housing prices in Istanbul continue?

It was stated that the increase in housing prices in Istanbul, which is increasing day by day, will continue.

Deputy Secretary General of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Buğra Gökçe announced that prices increased by 68 percent on an annual basis. Evaluating the issue, the President of the Real Estate Agencies Cooperative Ulvi Özcan“Due to the earthquake, mobility in safe areas attracts more attention. There has been more demand for housing, or the demand has decreased because a place is said to be unsafe,” he said.

According to NTV’s news; Özcan said, “Prices are rising excessively in places where foreigners buy, while on the other hand, the increase in foreign exchange and the higher purchasing power in those regions move the price upwards.”

Stating that the rise in housing prices will continue in the coming period, Özcan said, “In a situation where the price of everything increases every day, prices will definitely increase as costs increase.”

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