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The mixed trend continues on Wall Street: the Nasdaq is up 0-28%, the Dow Jones is down 0-2% and the S&P 500 is up slightly 0-03%- After buying from Kate a technology and production line-


Bank Hapoalim refers to the interest rate decision in Europe- Ilan Greenberg, Global Markets Analyst at the Bank’s Research Unit, wrote that “as expected, the ECB has chosen to leave interest rates at zero, along with leaving the bond purchase plan (PEPP) unchanged at least until the end of 2023- However, market forecasts are that The volume of purchases will be reduced starting in October- In addition, it was emphasized that the central bank is committed to continuing to provide supportive monetary solutions until it meets the symmetric inflation target, which is now set at 2% – within the committee’s financial forecast range, compared to the previous announcement stating a close but lower target of 2% without a defined range- “


Trading on the Wall Street Stock Exchange opened today in a mixed trend- While NASDAQ is up 0-2%, Dow Jones is down 0-3% and the S&P 500 is trading unchanged- Trading in Europe is currently trading in a mixed trend as well- Stokes 600 climbs 0-6%-

Disappointing data from the US labor market were released today- Thus while expecting initial claims for unemployment benefits (i-e- new people added to the unemployment cycle last week) stood at 350,000 demands, in practice 419,000 demands were received- Last week the number of demands was 368 thousand-

Stock American Airlines Decreases by 2-7%- This is despite the company posting a profit in the second quarter of the year after five consecutive quarters with a loss-


The European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to leave the interest rate in the bloc unchanged at 0-0%- The bank’s government council has changed its future guidelines on interest rates, after raising the inflation target to 2% in the medium term in its latest strategy review- The ECB also pledged to purchase € 1-85 trillion in bonds by March 2022 as part of its Emergency Acquisition Program (PEPP)-

The rises in European stock markets continue at the same rates-


Europe’s trading day continues in a positive trend, about an hour and a half before the central bank’s interest rate decision- The DAX is up 0-8%, the Cock is up 0-7% and the Potsy is up 0-2%- The Eurostox 50 index is up 1%-

Lemonade Rising pre-trade on Wall Street, the pizzeria chain Domino’s , Which is due to publish quarterly results today, is down 2%-

In the commodity market, there are 1% increases in both types of oil- In the crypto market, the gains moderated and Bitcoin again fell below $ 32,000- Heather traded for $ 1,989, the Dogecoin for 19 cents-


Rises in Europe continue- Dax is up 0-8% in Frankfurt, the French Kak index is up 0-6%- The pottery trades steadily, with slight downward fluctuations-

European banks are helping positive momentum, with Deutsche Bank rising 1-3%, British Lloyds and Barclays and French Credit Agricole rising 1%, Italian Investa San Paolo rising 1-2% and Spanish Santander Bank rising 1-5%-

In the commodity market the oil started to climb again, with the two leading types of oil rising 0-4%-

In Asia, trading closed with price increases- The Shanghai and Shenzhen indices rose 0-3%, the Hong Kong index rose 1-8%-


European Trading Day opens with price increases- The DAX is up 0-7%, Kak is up 0-5% and Potsy is trading steadily-

Trading on Wall Street contracts is still on a positive trend- Yields on bonds fall slightly, and the yield on a 10-year bond stands at 1-26%-

In Asia, trading closed with price increases- The Australian stock market strengthened by 1%, the index in Shenzhen rose 0-2% and there were also gains in Taiwan and South Korea-

The crypto market is still rising, with Bitcoin now at $ 32-1 thousand and the ether approaching the $ 2,000 threshold-


In Asia, there are gains this morning- The Shanghai index is up 0-3%, the Shenzhen is up 0-1%, the Hong Kong index is up 1-9% and the screens are also green in Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia and India- The stock exchange in Japan is on holiday today in honor of Marina Day-

Inner Mongolia Mining Corporation BaoTou jumps 10% in Shanghai with a huge trading volume of 2-7 billion shares, compared to about 900 million on weekdays- In Hong Kong, there are increases at Bank of China, PetroChina, China Bank of Industry, China Mobile and Xiaomi-

Trading on Wall Street futures is up, with Dow Jones and Nasdaq up 0-1 percent- Today at 3:30 p-m- 45 Israel time) The interest rate decision will be published in the European Union-

The crypto market is also gaining momentum this morning, with Bitcoin rising above the $ 32,000 threshold- Atherium has not yet fully recovered and is trading at $ 1,986, but in line with market trends it is expected to rise above the $ 2,000 threshold soon- Among the smaller currencies, the ripple rises to 57 cents and the dogcoin to 19 cents-

After oil strengthened yesterday, today it is down again and both types of oil are retreating about 0-5%- WTI oil is trading at $ 69-9 a barrel, and Brent crude is $ 71-8- The rise in oil prices recorded yesterday was surprising, as the U-S- released crude oil inventories data for the past week, according to which inventories jumped 2-1 million barrels, while analysts expected a decline of 4-4 million barrels-

The U-S- reporting season is at its peak, and today among others Intel , Twitter , Unilever andIn Eugene Will publish their financial results for the second quarter of the year-

Last night the Mexican fast food chain Chipotle Soared after thatPosted better-than-expected results- The company’s revenue jumped 32% to $ 1-89 billion- also Coca-Cola Strengthened slightly after its second-quarter results exceeded 2019 levels and led to a full-year forecast for the entire year- On the other hand, the streaming giant Netflix Dropped 3-3% in response to disappointing results- The company showed a lower-than-expected increase in the number of subscribers and missed analysts’ forecasts in the profit line, but overtook them slightly in the revenue line-

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