United Group today called on Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to show papers and prove his claims that the company “offered more money in the first round, but Telekom Srbija won in the second round” in negotiations on the purchase of Premier transmission rights. League.

“Citizens of Serbia would thus be convinced whether Vucic is lying if he participated in the negotiations, so he does not know the exact figures, or he really participated and knows all the details, but he is still lying. In both cases, Aleksandar Vucic lied and deceived all citizens of Serbia.” It is stated in the announcement of the United Group, and on the occasion of Beta’s unofficial information that Telecom paid for the transmission of 100 million euros a year.

It is pointed out that the United Group had the most successful results since its existence in the first six months of 2021, and that the company’s profit, before interest, profit tax and depreciation are deducted, is twice as high as the profit of Telekom Srbija, and that in the last three years it has achieved a business growth of 300 percent and employs 14,365 people in eight countries.

It is added that the company, despite all the successes, could not offer more than 35 million euros per season for Premier League broadcasting rights for the market of the former Yugoslavia.

“That figure was too big and unrealistic and conditioned by illegal competition of state and private capital, which is absolutely impossible and forbidden in EU countries. Serbia also signed, but does not apply the same law. Unfortunately, as expected, given the numerous laws of Serbia Telecom and their manager Vučić violates every day “, it is stated in the announcement.

The United Group also stated that it would appeal to all relevant institutions in Serbia and the EU.

“We have the rights to broadcast Premier League matches for another year at the Sport Club. The Premier League has its own internal rules of fair conduct especially in the area of ​​financing. We are convinced that nothing is finally over with the rights to the English league,” the statement said.

The company called on Vučić to “publicly and documentedly prove his claims and explain to the citizens of Serbia whether it is true that Telekom Srbija paid several times more for sports broadcasts compared to previous prices.“

The United Group stated that it broadcasts Italian football leagues for TV, whose price used to be five million euros a year, Telekom pays 23 million euros a year under a new contract, while for the Spanish football league, which cost 8.5 million euros a season, under a new contract. pays 14 million euros.

The French football league, as stated by the company, whose TV broadcasting rights amounted to 800,000 euros a year, Telecom now pays six million euros per season, while they broadcast Champions League matches whose price used to be 18 million euros a year, Telecom pays under a new contract 45 million per year.

“They pay eight million euros to the Serbian Football League, which is also twice as much money as before,” United Group claims in a statement, adding that Aleksandar Vučić, “who revealed himself yesterday as the chief strategist of Telekom Srbija and as someone who participated in the negotiations on the purchase of rights for the Premier League on the side of Telekom Srbija, this time he is not addressing as the President of Serbia but as a competitor on the market “.

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