Germany intends to abandon Russian gas and increases the military budget

Federal Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz announced the allocation of 100 billion euros for the needs of the armed forces of Germany. Speaking on the morning of February 27 in the Bundestag, he announced that defense appropriations would exceed 2% of the state budget.

“We need to significantly increase investments in ensuring the security of our country. Without this, it is impossible to protect our freedom and our democracy,” the head of government told the deputies.

The German government also intends to intensify the construction of terminals for liquefied natural gas, which is supposed to be purchased from the United States. This will allow Germany to completely abandon Russian energy sources. At the moment, Russia provides 30% of Germany’s gas needs.

Until very recently, the German authorities opposed harsh economic sanctions against Russia. Many allies criticized her for fear of being left without energy. Berlin’s refusal to increase military spending also caused dissatisfaction.

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