The award-winning Spanish chef, Kiko Moya, has been appointed global ambassador of the Israeli company Saffron-Tech, a subsidiary of the American company Seedo Corp, and is currently joining the company’s advisory board. As part of his role as the brand’s ambassador, Chef Moya will lead the company’s culinary field, test and test the saffron that will be produced using special technology and laboratory conditions and provide expert feedback on the quality and taste of the product. In addition, he will also open and recommend to the company different types of saffron. As part of his role as brand ambassador, Chef Moya will promote Saffron-Tech across all of his social media channels and expose the company’s development to other prominent chefs around the world.

David Freidenberg, CEO of Saffron-Tech noted: “Kiko Moya is one of the most decorated and prominent chefs in Spain, with 2 Michelin stars under his belt. We strive for our saffron, which we grow using special technology, to meet the highest standards, and to that end we welcome Chef Moya to the company’s ranks. “The great expertise he brings to the job and his advice will help us continue to advance in our mission – to create a reliable saffron source that is equal to a product that grows in traditional agricultural methods.”

Chef Moya is the co-owner of L’escaleta, a long-standing and successful 40-year-old restaurant that attracts thousands of locals and tourists alike, with the aim of enjoying, according to Chef Moya, “a kitchen that experiences local ingredients and ancient techniques.” For many years Chef Moya has been very much identified with the saffron spice and holds a great deal of knowledge about it. In the past he even wrote a book in which he devoted an entire chapter solely to the saffron spice.

Chef Moya said that “saffron has a complex taste and aroma that can not be mistaken, one that can elevate a wide range of dishes. The variety of saffron allows us to use it in many dishes, from hot dishes, rice dishes, fish, meats and of course desserts. This is why I decided Contribute from my knowledge of the multiple properties of this spice. “

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In Spain and around the world saffron is called “red gold” and is produced mainly using traditional farming methods after much, Sisyphean and long work. This spice is an essential ingredient in Spanish cuisine, especially when it comes to traditional paella dishes that the country is known for. Spain is considered the second largest exporter of saffron spice.

The agro-tech company Saffron-Tech was established in July 2020, after realizing the potential in the prestigious niche of saffron growing and developing technology for growing it in a controlled and mechanized manner under laboratory conditions. Saffron is considered the most expensive spice in the world and is known as “red gold”. The company’s unique technology enables the development of automated growing containers that are remotely managed in indoor laboratory conditions and ensures the supply of high-quality, high-quality saffron all year round, along with huge savings in natural resources and manpower.

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