CNN talks about the unexpected consequences of the boycott of Russian vodka

Several US states have decided to stop selling a drink often associated with Russia, vodka, as a protest against Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Such decisions were made by the governors of New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Utah. In the state of New York, the sale of Russian food products is generally prohibited. However, the ban on vodka is not so simple.

As CNN notes, many brands traditionally considered Russian are actually based in other countries. Thus, the manufacturer of Stolichnaya sold in the USA is the Stoli Group. The company’s headquarters is located in Luxembourg, and the production lines are in Latvia.

In total, Americans spend seven billion dollars a year on vodka. It is said that only 1% of the vodka consumed in the United States is produced in Russia, while in the United States itself – about half. Since 2011, the import of Russian vodka has decreased by 79%.

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