The Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, Tatjana Matić, welcomed today’s decision of the Government to give consent for the recognition of the certificate of complete vaccination against coronavirus and the certificate of the disease when certain foreign citizens enter Serbia, stating that it will positively affect the tourist season.

“Foreign exchange inflow from tourism increased by 29.3 percent compared to last year. With the new decision of the Government, we can expect an even larger influx of foreign tourists, thus a successful tourist season and significant economic profit,” Matic pointed out, the ministry said.

As stated, persons who have a certificate of complete vaccination issued by Georgia, Monaco, Cyprus, Lebanon, Moldova, San Marino, Tunisia, Croatia and Slovakia, can enter Serbia with a certificate of complete vaccination from July 24.

In the near future, it is expected that the citizens of Armenia, Syria and Egypt will be allowed to enter Serbia only with a certificate of complete vaccination.

In addition, as pointed out, the liberalization of entry into the country is reflected in the fact that it was decided to allow 16 countries to enter persons who have a certificate of coronavirus, a positive PCR or antigen test, which has not passed less than 14 days or more six months.

Implementation for all 16 countries begins on July 24.

The countries covered by the decision are Luxembourg, Andorra, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, San Marino, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Croatia, Romania, Germany, the United States, Switzerland and Denmark.

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