“One of the most talented women in the industry”: A new senior at Check Point

A change in the senior management of the cyber security company Check Point : Rupal Hollenbeck has been appointed as the company’s Chief Commercial Director, as part of a new organization of the entire go-to market, which will now be managed from Silicon Valley. At the same time, Dan Yerushalmi is retiring as Chief Customer Officer, after nearly 4 years at Check Point.

Hollenbeck has been a board member at Check Point for the past year, having previously held senior positions Intel And oracle , Including the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Oracle. Check Point notes that Holenbeck has more than 25 years of experience in senior positions in high-tech, including in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, operations and supply chain.

Unlike many technology companies, Check Point’s senior management has a respectable female representation, which is now joined by Hollenbeck: the CFO is Tal Payne and the VP of products is Dr. Dorit Dor. In 2020, among the five highest paid recipients Most in society, three were women.

“Excellent women – a key part of society and its global success”

Gil Shweid, Founder and CEO of Check Point, stated following the appointment that “Since the establishment of Check Point, excellent women have been a very central part of the company and its global success, and I am pleased that we are continuing this tradition with the addition of Rupel. “The best cyber protection requires the best women and men there are, and the diversity we have is a blessing.”

Schweid noted that recently, Check Point has released its strongest quarterly reports, and has already launched a number of important initiatives to help it accelerate business momentum. He said, “Today we are announcing a significant step in this direction, with the launch of our new global go to market organization, and the appointment of one of the most talented women in the industry to lead the organization.”

“I admired Check Point for its consistent industry leadership”

Hollenbeck said she was excited to join Check Point’s team, and that “I have known and admired Check Point for its consistent leadership in the global security industry for years, and I was fortunate to be a board member in one of its strongest years.” She added that she expects to achieve new records with the company.

One record that Check Point has already achieved is in the share price: since the financial statements for 2021 it published a month ago, its share has soared 20% to a record price of about $ 149, reflecting the company’s market value of $ 19.8 billion.

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