The right of way needs to be released for the Suburban to reach the AIFA

The conclusion of the Suburban Train branch to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) has the release of the right of way as its main obstacle to starting tests and being opened in the third quarter 2024, the last stretch of the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which has promised not to leave any work unfinished.

In an interview, Max Noria, director of Marketing of Suburban Railways, stated that Until September, the authority reported that we were 80 percent clear (of the road). I understand that it is more. Without a number of how many sections remain to be released in the 15 kilometers where the company works, he announced that it will be sometime in the last quarter of this administration when the project will be ready for testing.

We cannot give an exact date. We plan to begin this operation in the third quarter of next year. Within that exists the entire development of the work, all the tests that are carried out not only on the trains, but on all the systems and subsystems that make up this branch. We are anticipating that it can be carried out on that date, if we maintain the pace of work that we have, if there are no inconveniences such as occupations on the road, etc., from which fortunately little by little we have freed ourselves.he acknowledged.

The new deadline, some point in third quarter of the following yearalready implies an extension of the date referred to at the beginning of October by Andrés Arias, deputy director of Mobility at the AIFA, who assured that the train – the main means of mass transportation between Mexico City and the airport – would be in operation in June 2023. .

The construction of the Suburban branch from the Lechería station to the AIFA covers 23 kilometers. Eight of them are located in the Santa Lucía air base polygon and the civil engineering part has already been delivered by the Secretariat of National Defense, along with the terminal station.

In the other 15 kilometers, Ferrocarriles Suburbanos carries out civil engineering work; In this section there are three elevated viaducts with a total extension of 2.8 kilometers, between the municipalities of Tultitlán and Tultepec, which were designed due to the impossibility of carrying out works at ground level. At the same time, the company is in charge of equipping the 23 kilometers of the branch line, the catenary, the electrical substation and the signaling systems.

The Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation is responsible for the acquisition of the 10 trains, the maneuvering yard, pedestrian and vehicular bridges around them, as well as acquiring real estate for stations and modal transfer centers.

In short, until September – a year before the delivery deadline, in accordance with this administration’s promise not to leave works unfinished – the comprehensive project was 46 percent complete, Noria said. He explained that he works day and night to conclude the project, for which there are 77 machines and more than 2 thousand people working at different points of the road.

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