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The Hong Kong stock market is recovering and recording a 1% rise, with Shiomi, Mituan, Bank of China, Hang Seng Bank and Petrochina climbing. On the other hand, the restaurant chain Haidilao is cut by 5%, Tencent is down 3.7% and Alibaba is down 0.4%.

The decline in Tokyo has moderated slightly and stands at 1.4%.


Asian stock markets recorded major declines this morning, although the Hong Kong index (which fell 4.5% yesterday) rose until a slight hour ago. It is now trading relatively stable, while the Shanghai index is down 0.6% and the Shenzhen is down 0.3%. The biggest decline was recorded by the Nikkei index in Tokyo, which weakened by 1.5%, followed by the Taiwanese and Australian indices.

Softbank Group cuts more than 4% in Japan, and there is also a 3% drop in Z Holdings, a subsidiary of Softbank and owner of the Yahoo! Japan, the largest messaging app in Japan and has the largest digital wallet service in the country. The Japanese company SUMCO, which is engaged in the field of semiconductors, is down 7%.

In Hong Kong, there have been slight increases in the Bank of China, Petruchina, Shiomi and Alibaba’s information and health services arm (which fell by about 20% yesterday). Tencent, Maitouan and the Alibaba Group are weakening.

The negative trend is also evident in trading on Wall Street futures, with contracts on the three indices trading down 0.2%. Today at 21:00 (Israel time) the US Federal Reserve will publish the interest rate decision. Apparently, the interest rate will remain the same.

The crypto market compared to the global trend is showing further strengthening, and now Bitcoin is trading at $ 39.7 thousand – a 33% jump within a week – even though Amazon denied yesterday that it will accept the currency as a means of payment soon.

The reporting season on Wall Street continues, and results are expected to be published today: Facebook , PayPal , Pfizer , McDonald’s , Qualcomm , Boeing , Moody’s , nature , ICL (Former ICL) and more.

Yesterday after the close of trading, the financial statements of some of the technology giants in the US were released: Apple, Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft, whose total market value is about $ 6.4 trillion and together they make up almost 15% of the S&P 500. The three companies beat the forecasts and reported Strong growth.

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