Trade Union Independence: Solidarity with workers and citizens of Ukraine

Today, the United Branch Trade Union “Independence” sent a message of support and solidarity to the Federation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine.

“We follow with concern and sadness the reports from your country that testify to the loss of human lives and the destruction of property created by generations. The wave of refugees and their fate deeply shakes us and we know from our experience how difficult such a fate is. because of the war in your country, “the union said in a statement.

It was pointed out that it is unacceptable to violate international public law and attack a sovereign country, and that he hopes that the negotiations will bear fruit and that peace will be established urgently, without delay.

“We want peace for all citizens of Ukraine and for you to start rebuilding your country as soon as possible, with the help of the international community. As part of the international trade union movement, UGS ‘Nezavisnost’ will be involved in all solidarity actions that can help you.” a letter signed by the president of that union, Cedanka Andric.

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