First Musk, now the oligarchs: The young man who pursues the rich

Jack Sweeney, a 19-year-old student at Central Florida University. First made public during 2020, after it started tweeting the locations of Alon Musk’s private jet. The Tesla founder was unhappy, offering Sweeney $ 5,000 to remove his Twitter account. Sweeney refused, and asked for Tesla instead – and Musk did not answer.

Time to pickup the Russian diplomats.

– Jack Sweeney (@JxckSweeney) March 5, 2022

Now Sweeney is focusing on Russian oligarchs and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Following the demand of the fans, he opened accounts at the end of February that track the planes and yachts of the Russian elite, and has so far accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers.

According to Sweeney, all the planes have IDs in place of radar, and can be tracked because they are public data. “I’m making this more available,” he explained in an interview with Fox News.

Keeping watch on these Russian’s Yacht’s

– Russian Yachts (@RussiaYachts) March 6, 2022

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