Stock market current: Oil price rises to just under 140 dollars


  • Today, 09:19 AM

    Europe’s leading exchanges start weaker, ATX below 3,000 points

    The leading European exchanges started trading on Monday with significant losses. The sell-off on the markets continues unabated at the start of the new trading week. The Ukraine war is also causing a great deal of uncertainty among investors. The Euro Stoxx 50 lost 2.96 percent to 3,450.80 points at the start. The DAX in Frankfurt fell by 3.36 percent to 12,654.89 points and the FTSE-100 in London lost 1.08 percent to 6,911.83 points.

    The ATX fell below the 3,000 point mark for the first time since the end of February 2021 and was down 3.33 percent at 2,929.09 points shortly after 9 a.m. Banks in particular recorded further losses (RBI down 5.1 percent, Erste Group down 6.7 percent, BAWAG down 4.6 percent). The broader ATX Prime fell 3.31 percent to 1,483.03 units.


  • Today, 08:38 AM

    Gold price rises above $2,000

    In view of the great uncertainty on the stock exchanges, investors are increasingly relying on supposedly safe values ​​such as gold. The price of a troy ounce topped $2,000 on Monday, the highest since September 2020.


  • Today, 08:35 AM

    Losses on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

    The West’s deliberations on a possible freeze on imports of oil from Russia weighed heavily on Asia’s leading exchange in Tokyo at the start of the week. On the Tokyo stock exchange, the Nikkei, which includes 225 leading stocks, was listed on Monday a good hour after the start of trading, a sharp discount of 842.13 points or 3.24 percent from the intermediate level of 25,143.34 points. Japan, which is poor in raw materials and the third largest economy in the world ahead of Germany, is dependent on oil imports.


  • Today, 08:33 AM

    Oil price rises to just under $140

    A possible freeze on oil imports from Russia pushed oil prices to their highest level since 2008 at the start of the week. In early trading, the price of a barrel (159 liters) of North Sea Brent rose by up to almost 18 percent to $139.13 (127.30 euros) and was thus close to the record level of almost $150 from summer 2008. Most recently, the Brent price rose almost 11 percent or $12.57 to $130.67.


  • 03/06/2022, 05:34 PM

    China cuts growth target to record low

    Due to increasing uncertainties, also due to the Ukraine war, the Chinese government is lowering the planning target for the second largest economy to just 5.5 percent. That’s the lowest growth target in three decades. But military spending is expected to rise sharply by 7.1 percent in view of tensions with Taiwan, the United States and neighboring countries in Asia.


  • 03/06/2022, 12:15 PM

    Prada suspends its activities in Russia

    The Italian fashion group Prada has also ceased its activities in Russia. The group, which also owns the Miu Miu, Church’s and Car Shoe brands, announced it was “suspending its retail operations in Russia with immediate effect”.


  • 03/06/2022, 12:14 PM

    Visa and Mastercard suspend operations in Russia

    Visa will work with customers and partners in Russia “to halt all Visa transactions in the coming days,” the company said. After that, cards issued in Russia would no longer work abroad. Credit cards issued by financial institutions outside the country could no longer be used in Russia. Mastercard announced identical steps.


  • 03/05/2022, 09:47 PM

    Puma is closing its stores in Russia

    The sporting goods manufacturer Puma is closing its stores in Russia. The company announced on Saturday in Herzogenaurach that operations would be “temporarily stopped”. Puma operates more than 90 stores in the country, and the sporting goods manufacturer recently stated that the number of employees was over 900.


  • 03/05/2022, 09:28 PM

    OMV considers exit from Russian gas field, no new investments

    There will be no more investments in Russia in the future, the 24.99 percent stake in the Yuzhno Russkoye natural gas field will be “strategically reviewed,” according to an OMV broadcast on Saturday evening after a board decision: “This review includes all options, including the possibility of a sale or exit”.


  • 03/05/2022, 03:57 PM

    Samsung stops deliveries to Russia

    The South Korean group is the market leader in memory chips, smartphones and televisions. In Russia, his devices are in great demand. According to figures from the analysis company IDC, Samsung’s market share for smartphones was 34 percent. The South Koreans join a string of big tech companies halting shipments to Russia. These include Apple and the chip group Intel.


  • 03/05/2022, 03:14 PM

    Swiss Financial Market Authority restricts Sberbank

    The Swiss financial market supervisory authority (Finma) has imposed drastic restrictions on Sberbank (Switzerland) AG. The subsidiary of the Russian Sberbank is not allowed to make any payments or transactions that are not necessary for the operative business as a bank without the approval of Finma, the authority announced on Saturday night. Sberbank (Switzerland) AG is at risk of liquidity problems as a result of the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the worsening international sanctions environment. To protect creditors, Finma has ordered that the due date of the bank’s obligations from customer deposits be postponed to May 2, 2022.


  • 03/05/2022, 01:55 PM

    Zara parent Inditex is closing stores in Russia

    The Spanish company announced on Saturday that all 502 shops in Russia were temporarily closed. “Under the current circumstances, the continuity of operations and business conditions in the Russian Federation cannot be guaranteed,” it said. Among the 502 stores that will be closed, 86 are Zara stores. Online sales would also be temporarily suspended in Russia.


  • 03/05/2022, 10:58 AM

    Facebook blocks advertising system for ads from Russia

    After the announcement of a Facebook block in Russia, it will no longer be possible to place ads on the online network from the country worldwide. The advertising system in Russia was completely paused, the parent company Meta announced on Saturday night. This means that advertisers from Russia can no longer place ads not only in their own country, but also internationally.


  • 03/05/2022, 09:09 AM

    Moody’s downgrades Ukraine’s credit rating

    Rating agency Moody’s lowered Ukraine’s credit rating by two notches from B3 to Caa2. Moody’s gave Friday’s downgrade a negative outlook, meaning more downgrades could follow. The reason for the decision is the “intensification of the Russian military invasion in Ukraine”. This could affect Ukraine’s ability to service its debt.


  • 03/05/2022, 08:58 AM

    PayPal suspends service in Russia

    The US payment service provider PayPal is suspending its service in Russia. PayPal President Dan Schulman condemned the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. The company joins many financial and technology firms that ceased operations in Russia after the war began.


  • 03/04/2022, 10:37 PM

    Large tech companies are throttling business in Russia

    Several large IT and tech companies have announced that they will scale back their business in Russia. In addition to Intel, Microsoft and Google, this also includes the German SAP.


  • 03/04/2022, 10:24 PM


    US stocks end trading week with losses

    The US stock exchanges ended trading weaker on Friday. They followed the European stock exchanges, some of which had to accept heavy losses before the weekend. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Index was able to limit its losses somewhat towards the end of trading and finally went into the weekend 0.53 percent weaker at 33,614.80 points. The broader S&P 500 lost 0.79 percent to 4,328.87 points. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite fell the most, falling 1.66 percent to 13,313.44 units.


  • 03/04/2022, 06:14 PM

    Wholesale price for natural gas above 200 euros for the first time

    The price of North Sea oil Brent jumped 3.7 percent to $114.58 a barrel, but remained below its ten-year high of just under $120 the day before. The price of natural gas in Europe exceeded the 200 euro mark for the first time. The euro fell below the $1.10 mark on Friday. The European Central Bank set the reference rate at $1.0929.


  • 03/04/2022, 05:11 PM

    Stock markets deep red at the end of the week

    The leading European stock exchanges again recorded noticeable losses on Friday. A fire at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant further dampened investor sentiment, which was already negative due to the war. The leading euro zone index, the Euro Stoxx 50, lost 4.96 percent to 3,556.01 units. In Frankfurt, the DAX fell by 4.41 percent to 13,094.54 points. London’s FTSE-100 was down 3.48 percent at 6,987.14 units. In Paris, the CAC-40 went down 4.97 percent at 6,061.66 points.

    The ATX lost a whopping 3.97 percent to 3,029.95 points on Friday. The mark of 3,000 points in the domestic leading index is therefore not far away. The biggest loser was Warimpex with minus 22 percent, followed by RBI with minus 11.15 percent and Erste Group with minus 8.77 percent).


  • 03/04/2022, 03:50 PM

    Tesla has final building permit for Grünheide factory

    Tesla is allowed to start production at its plant in Grünheide, Brandenburg, after certain conditions have been met. On Friday, the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment issued the final building permit for the first large-scale factory of the world’s largest electric car manufacturer in Europe, subject to numerous conditions, despite numerous protests and complaints.


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