Roberto Cingolani: “In 24 – 30 months we’ll be independent of Russian gas”

“At the moment the gas from Russia is flowing, therefore we are able to keep the road map at 55% decarbonisation and with a great effort we must try to move forward”. The reassurance comes from the Minister for Energy Transition, Roberto Cingolani,

“We import 29 billion cubic meters of gas from Russia. These must be replaced”, the minsitro specified. “At the moment we have carried out an early and rapid operation and in late spring 15 billion will be replaced. we are working on reinforcing infrastructures, regasifiers and long-term contracts. 24-30 months should be enough to make us independent

“In the case of an absolute lack of energy” and therefore of “an emergency stronger than the current one”, the two coal plants that are still in operation, that of Brindisi and that of Civitavecchia, could be sent to full capacity, in order to a limited period to produce energy “.

The minister immediately specified: “We are not reopening anything. And the plants that are closed do not reopen, because the company would not be worth the expense“Getting the Brindisi and Civitavecchia plants up and running is” simply a limited possibility in time “.

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