The sanctioned oligarchs are expressing concern over the war

Russian oligarchs targeted by Western sanctions have expressed concern over the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Rich Oleg Deripaska, who is known for his close relations with President Vladimir Putin, said on Twitter yesterday that peace must be established the day before. The Russian billionaire, however, in his brief note avoided using the term war, which the Russian authorities forbid to mention when talking about the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine. “We need peace as soon as possible, because we have already crossed the point of no return. “The whole world will be different, Russia will also be different,” Deripaska wrote on Twitter.

Another big Russian businessman, Vladimir Lisin ․ In a statement addressed to the employees of the Novolipetsk metallurgical plant, he expressed his condolences to the families of the victims of the conflict in Ukraine, emphasizing that the human casualties are a huge tragedy, which is impossible to justify. Lisin is the president of the Novolipetsk metallurgical plant հիմնական the main shareholder of the company. In the text of his statement, he unequivocally called for peaceful diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict and expressed hope that it would be resolved soon.

Rich Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov has stated in recent days that he is no longer a billionaire, as he lost a large amount of money due to his sanctions against Russia. He also asked the journalists not to call him another oligarch. Last week, Tinkov, three Russian billionaires, Mikhail Friedman, Peter Aven and Alexei Mordashov, who are on the Western blacklist, publicly called for an end to hostilities.

Former governor of Chukotka, billionaire Roman Abramovich announced his intention to sell his London football club “Chelsea” a few days after the start of the war. This decision followed the statements of the British authorities, who threaten to seize the British real estate of the rich Russians, luxury and super yachts. Abramovich promised to donate all proceeds from the sale of the club to a charitable foundation set up for the restoration of the war in Ukraine. In addition, in recent days it became known that the businessman, who has close ties with the Russian authorities, is involved in the Russian-Ukrainian talks, according to the Israeli Jerusalem Post, at the request of Ki. It is not known what powers Abramovich has in that process. Moscow and Ki do not comment on the information.

In response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the European Union has imposed sanctions on a total of 22 Russian oligarchs and their family members, and the British authorities have targeted 10 rich Russians, promising to increase the list in the near future.

On March 3, US President Joe Biden added three Russian businessmen to the sanctions list, bringing the total to 19.

Yesterday, Canada imposed sanctions on Russian oligarchs. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the 10 Russians on the “black list” a participant in the invasion of Ukraine. The Canadian leader said that the names of those sentenced were taken from a list compiled by imprisoned Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny.

Many of the rich Russians on the list of Western sanctions have amassed wealth, gained political influence under Vladimir Putin, or that this class began to form in Russia in the early 1990s. During the collapse of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the capitalist regime, in a short period of time, a number of Russian businessmen began to acquire huge capital, and later to have a great influence on political decision-making.

The government does not even hide its closeness with many of those oligarchs, some of them even hold state positions. For example, the bridge from Russia to Crimea, which was inaugurated by President Putin in person, was built by a company owned by one of his close friends, Arkady Rotenberg, and the truck used by the Kremlin leader to cross the newly built bridge was built by another oligarch’s friend, Putin. By Rostech State Corporation headed by Chemezov.

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