The departure of the Geox Company from Vranje will be a “social bomb” for that city because 1,200 people will lose their jobs, said today the president of the Departmental Committee for Economy and Finance of the Party of Freedom and Justice, Dušan Nikezić.

In a statement, Nikezic stated that Geox works in the factory in Vranje for six percent of employees in that city, where the average salary is 17 percent lower than the national average.

“How much this government does not care about jobs is best seen by the fact that Prime Minister Ana Brnabić stated only four days ago in Vranje that there was no information that Geox was leaving Vranje, and Serbian President Aleksanad Vučić said last night that he knew for two months that Geox was closing. factory and fires all workers, “he pointed out.

Nikezic believes that the departure of Geox from Serbia is “an expected result of a ten-year poverty policy, by which we subsidize foreign investors, interested exclusively in cheap labor.”

“Every year, we give over 100 million euros to foreigners who do not bring new technologies, do not invest in Serbia, do not respect our laws, pollute our nature, and pay workers a salary that is less than the minimum consumer basket. Instead of protecting the rights of our workers, 2014. we have amended the Labor Law to enable these foreigners to hire workers, to force them to work in diapers, on weekends and in 12-hour shifts, “said Nikezic.

He added that the development of the country cannot and will not be brought by Geox and similar investors, but thousands of small domestic investments are needed, which use domestic resources and raw materials, raw materials and workers.

“It is obvious that this government does not have the money or time for domestic investments, so most of the Geox workers, as well as hundreds of thousands of their colleagues, will have to look for a job outside Serbia,” Nikezic said.

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