Vučić: From Thursday, the export of oil, wheat, corn and flour will be suspended

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that Serbia would suspend the export of oil, wheat, corn and flour on Thursday, and that the Government had prepared a decree regarding the import of energy.

Vučić told TV B92 that Serbia will have enough oil, wheat, corn and flour for itself and the region.

He also said that the Government of Serbia had prepared a decision on the exemption of customs duties on the import of energy “from third countries”.

“That will refer to oil from third countries, if we import it,” said Vucic.

He stated the decision of the government made on the eve of tomorrow’s declaration in the EU on the import of energy from Russia.

He added that there are different views in the EU on sanctions on gas and oil, and that the EU provides 40 percent of its gas needs and 30 percent of its oil needs from Russia.

“For us, if they ban the import of all energy sources from the territory of Russia, it means that we are in trouble, because we have nowhere to go, and gas and oil cannot fall from the sky,” he said.

He explained that is why the government has prepared a decision regarding the import of energy from third countries.

He also said that a decision had been prepared to subsidize fuel for farmers at NIS gas stations in the next month and a half.

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