A positive trend on Wall Street, increases of 6% in Europe;  Aviation stocks are soaring

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The positive momentum in the markets continues and strengthens. The German DAX index is up 6.5%, the Eurostock is up 6% and more, and the Kak, the Italian Potsey and the indices in Vienna and Brussels are rising at high rates. British Potsey is content with an increase of 2.3%.

On Wall Street NASDAQ jumps 2.7%, S & P500 adds 2.1% and Dow Jones rises 1.9%.

The technology giants climb 2% -3%, including Apple, Tesla, AMD, Microsoft, Meta, Alphabet and Amazon, and Anvidia stands out with a more significant 5% increase. The Amble acquaintance app has flown over 40%, the tourism companies are still concentrating interest and Boeing is also recording a nice increase.

Among Israeli companies, Siren is down 25%, Safe-T (which is up 15% in Tel Aviv) is down 10%. Zim continues to strengthen after the reports and NRX, Pioneer, LivePerson, Monday and Hippo are also climbing.


In parallel with the sharp rises in Europe, there is an index Dax As it has already jumped over 6% (and in Vienna, Paris and the Eurostocks 50 similar gains have been recorded), the New York Stock Exchange has opened in a positive trend. The Nasdaq is up 2.5%, the S & P500 is up 2% and the Dow Jones is up 1.7%. In the government bond market, the 10-year bond yield is up 1.92%.

Zim The Israeli jumps 6% after the strong reports it published, and also Autonomous , Dario Heath And Monday Advanced. On the other hand, Siren Loses height (after soaring 45% last night) andBrainsway Weakens after reports. The company, which is developing non-invasive treatment for brain disorders, recorded annual revenue of $ 29.7 million, an increase of 34% compared to 2020. Its net loss also increased to $ 6.5 million (compared to $ 5.4 million the previous year).

The cruise company stands out Carnival Which climbs above 7% and also Norwegian Cruise Line , Royal Caribbean Booking, Caesars Entertainment and airlines are joining with sharp increases, among them American Airlines , delta andUnited .

In the commodity market, there are more than 5% declines in crude oil prices. Brent drops to $ 121.3 a barrel and U.S. oil to $ 117.3 a barrel. Gold is down 2.8% to $ 1,994 an ounce, eBitcoin Jumps almost 9% and crosses the $ 42,000 mark.


The strong gains on European stock markets continue, with Dax soaring 5.2%, Kak rising 4.7% and Potsy rising with a relatively moderate rise of 1.7%. The Eurostocks 50 also jumps by 5%, the Stokes 600 adds 3.1%.

Prominent in Frankfurt Adidas Which jumps above 12%, and also Volkswagen , Porsche Cougar and soup climb. Deutsche Bank Jumps 6%, in France Credit Agricole Fly 7.7% andSociety General Increases by 9.4%. The car manufacturers in Paris are also getting stronger, among them Renault Which rises almost 10%, and sharp rises are also recorded in Louis Vuitton and Michelin. In London Visor Takes off by 15%, Lloyds Jumps 7%, aviation group IAG Increases by 10%. Polymthal andAvraz Enjoy rising metal prices and soaring 49% and 27% respectively. Decreases of Glencore and-BP High cycles balance the increases in the Potsy index.


Oil contracts have fallen by about 3%. Gold also fell by about 1%.


Company Zim Displays record profits. The company reported today that net income in the fourth quarter of 2021 totaled $ 1.71 billion compared to $ 366 million in the same quarter in 2020, a jump of 366%. Adjusted EBITDA for the fourth quarter totaled $ 2.36 billion, up 345% from the same quarter last year. Adjusted EBITDA for 2021 amounted to $ 6.60 billion, an increase of 537% from the previous year. Operating income in the fourth quarter totaled $ 2.12 billion, up 382% from the same period last year; Operating profit (EBIT) in 2021 totaled $ 5.82 billion, a jump of 706% from the same period last year.


The 600 leading stocks are up 3.2% now. The Dax indices in Germany and the CAC in Paris are jumping at rates of up to 5%. The sharp rises come after steep declines in recent days and in the wake of US President Joe Biden’s announcement (Tuesday) that the US government will ban oil imports from Russia. His announcement apparently marks the acceleration of the international response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Trading in US stock market indices is up 1.5% -2%.

About two weeks after the start of the war in Ukraine, the EU is already well beyond the first step required of anyone trying to go through an accelerated detox – acknowledging the problem. Already in the first days of the fighting, the leaders of the union, as well as the heads of the member states, realized that Europe had changed and that it must immediately reduce its dependence on Russian energy. Now, at a peak time for the bloc, he has also unveiled an ambitious plan on how to do it again this year.

A comprehensive plan unveiled yesterday (Tuesday) in Brussels is perhaps a more dramatic move, in practical terms and the economic threat to Russia, than Biden’s announcement of a Russian oil and coal embargo. In fact, in the last two weeks Russian oil imports to the US and UK have been frozen, due to the business sector’s fear of public opinion consequences or a genuine desire to boycott another country for no reason. The European move, however, could detract tens of billions of euros Billions of dollars for empty steel pipes.


Sharp increases in the opening of trade in Europe. The index of the 600 leading stocks on the continent jumps by 2.5%.

Trading on US stock market indices is up 0.8% -1%.

The Nikkei index in Tokyo closed down 0.3%.

In the crypto segment, Bitcoin jumps more than 8% and trades around $ 41,800 and Etherium jumps by 6.8% and trades around $ 2,750.


Trading on Asian stock exchanges today is conducted in a mixed trend. The Nikkei index in Tokyo is rising slightly while the Hang Seng is down 2.4% in Hong Kong.

Trading in contracts on US stock market indices shows slight increases.

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange closed last night with declines at the end of a volatile day, the Dow Jones index retreated 0.6%, the Nasdaq index fell 0.3% and the S&P 500 index fell 0.7%. 2% on NASDAQ.

The background to trade was the effects of the war in Ukraine and Western sanctions on Russia, especially in the energy sector. The US and UK boycott of Russian oil imports boosted oil prices even further, but the gains moderated further.

In the oil market prices continue to rise today, after a very volatile day yesterday. A April contract for Brent crude rose 2 percent to $ 130.6 a barrel and U.S. oil rose to $ 126. Gold is also climbing and the ounce price is up 1% to $ 2,064.

In the crypto segment, Bitcoin jumps more than 7% and trades around $ 41,400 and Etherium jumps by 5.8% and trades around $ 2,710.

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