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The positive trend in New York continues, led by the NASDAQ index, which is climbing by about 0.8%.

Significant increases record stocks nature , Monday and Tesla. On the other hand, AMC is down 12% and Clover Health shares, which have jumped in recent weeks, are down 13%.


Monday’s stock began trading up about 15% to $ 178.


European stock markets have closed in a mixed trend. Slight rises on Wall Street.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds drops to about 1.48%.


Slight rises on Wall Street. Significant gains record shares in Eugene, Eli Lily , Perrigo Soup and nature.

The EU wants to impose a fine of $ 425 million on Amazon For violation of privacy regulations. According to a report in the WSJ, privacy regulators in the EU are interested in imposing a fine of more than $ 425 million against Amazon, according to people involved in the details who spoke with the WSJ. The Luxembourg Privacy Protection Commission, CNPD, has released a preliminary draft outlining the sanctions on Amazon as part of the privacy practices Amazon is violating, and is proposing to 26 other national privacy authorities to impose a fine, officials said. The CNPD is the main regulator vis-à-vis Amazon, as Amazon has its headquarters in Luxembourg.


The trading day on Wall Street opened with slight increases in stock indices. Zim stands out with a sharp rise.

The Israeli technology company Monday (NYSE: MNDY) has successfully completed the pricing of its initial public offering on NASDAQ – the company’s value is set at $ 6.8 billion, making Monday the largest Israeli IPO ever on Wall Street (excluding gaming company Playtica, Which is Chinese-owned, issued earlier this year).


The US consumer price index has risen 5% in the last 12 months. The May index has risen 0.7% compared to economists’ expectations of a 0.5% rise.

This is the highest inflation rate in the US since 2008. Economists expected an increase of 4.7%.


Trading in Europe is now on a mixed trend: Potsey is up 0.1%, Dax is down 0.2% and Kak is down 0.5%. Stokes 600 is down 0.3%.

The European Central Bank left the interest rate unchanged at zero interest rates.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has left interest rates at zero, in line with market expectations.
Nadav Ofir, a global markets strategist at Bank Hapoalim’s trading room, said in the context: “The bond purchase program (PEPP) is expected to continue at a higher pace than in the first quarter.
The total plan is expected to amount to 1.85 trillion euros, while assets in the first quarter were purchased for about 180 billion euros. Despite the improvement in the European economy, the partial return to routine and the improvement in the global economy, the ECB’s support for the markets is expected to strengthen. The ECB seems to be broadcasting that “what has been is what will be.”


The mixed trend in Europe continues. The DAX is trading steadily higher, the Potsy is up 0.3% and the CAC is down 0.2%.

Technology stocks are trading declining in Germany, and Volkswagen and BMW car stocks continue to lose ground. Renault joins them in declines on the Paris Stock Exchange. In England, the communications companies stand out, with British Telecom rising 3.3%, and Vodafone strengthening by 0.6%. The pharmaceutical company Astraznica also adds 1.4%.

In early trading on Wall Street AMC is weakening, while Clover Health, which fell yesterday, is strengthening by 6%. Ethlon Medical, which ended the trading day last night with a jump of 388%, loses 14%. Futures trading is moving in a mixed trend: the Dow Jones is up 0.1%, the Nasdaq is down 0.2% and the S&P 500 is standing still.

China’s stock markets closed positively. Shanghai rose 0.5%, Shenzhen 1.1%. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange weakened 0.1%.


European stock markets opened in a mixed trend, with the German DAX losing 0.3%, the CAC declining 0.2% and the Potsy trading steadily with a tendency to rise. In Germany, shares of Volkswagen, GameStop and AMC are falling, as is the decline in energy companies.

The Japanese stock market closed this morning with a 0.3% rise in the Nikkei index, with slight declines for Toyota, Nintendo, Softbank and Mitsubishi. On the other hand, Sony got stronger.


Trading in Asia is rising this morning. The Japanese Nikkei is up 0.4%, Shanghai is up 0.8% and Shenzhen is up 1.3%. Hong Kong adds 0.3%. In Japan Toyota is down 0.1%, Nintendo is down 0.8%. Japan Airlines is down 0.9%. Isuzu jumps 2%. In Hong Kong, Shiomi is tracking close to 2%.

Wall Street futures are trading up slightly. Last night, the Nasdaq deleted the slight increase it recorded during the trading day yesterday and closed down 0.1%, the Dow jeans lost 0.4% and the S&P 500 lost 0.2%.AMC , Blackberry , Bath and Beyond fabric And Clover Heath.

Today at 3:30 PM Israel time, the Consumer Price Index will be published in the United States, which reviews the change in the prices of goods and services (excluding food, energy, alcohol and tobacco) and shows the current level of inflation. The European Central Bank’s interest rate decision will be published today, and it is estimated that the interest rate will remain unchanged.

The crypto market continues to rise, and Bitcoin is approaching $ 37,000. The etherium is still around $ 2,500 per unit, the dogecoin at 33 cents, the ripple trades at 88 cents.

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