The declines in Wall Street are moderating;  Monday drops 12%, Tesla 3%

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The declines in Wall Street are moderating. Major stock indices are now down up to 0.8%.

In the commodity trading segment, a Brent oil contract is now down 1.6% to around $ 109.3 a barrel and a WTI oil contract is down 2.4% to $ 106 a barrel.


The declines on Wall Street continue. Major stock indices are now falling by up to 1.8%.

Shares in the electric vehicle sector stand out in sharp declines, among them Tesla , Neo Veribian. More noticeable in the declines Dark , Ali Baba Vasana. The latter published a disappointing forecast for 2022.


European stocks closed down up to 3% in major equities indices. Significant declines were recorded in shares of vehicle manufacturers.

Shares of fertilizer and chemicals company K + S jumped more than 10% after the German company reported strong results in the fourth quarter of 2021.


The declines in New York are intensifying, and stock indices are now down by up to 2.1%. Renewable energy sector stocks stand out in sharp declines.

Among Israeli stocks, declines are noticeable Nice Monday, Nova Walkmi, Faber, Solaredge Lemonade and Cultura.

On the other hand, Elbit Systems And Rada stand out with sharp rises.


The declines in New York are moderating. Major stock indices are down 1% -0.5% now. The yield on 10-year US government bonds rises by 4 basis points to 1.99%.

Amazon shares soared by about 5% after the company announced a split in its shares at a rate of 20 to 1. Its share price closed last night at $ 2,785, so if the split (which actually happens in June) had occurred now the price would have dropped to $ 139. It also reported a $ 10 billion self-acquisition plan. This is Amazon’s first split since 1999.


Negative trend on Wall Street. Major stock indices are down 1% -1.5% at the start of trading.

Sharp declines are recorded Monday , Weeks Faber, Tesla and Intel.

Investment Bank Goldman Sachs Announced that it was closing its operations in Russia. Goldman Sachs is the first of the US investment banks to announce the cessation of its operations in Russia in the wake of the war in Ukraine.


The US consumer price index rose 0.8% in February, in line with expectations. The core index rose 0.5%, also in line with expectations. In the last 12 months, the CPI rose by 7.9%.


Macro Europe: The European Central Bank (ECB) has published its interest rate decision, leaving its rate at zero. Next week, the US interest rate decision will be published, where it is expected to rise by 25 or even 50 basis points. In 45 minutes, US inflation data will be published.


Europe’s leading stock indices continue to lose ground, and declines are deepening. Dax drops 2.3%, Kak drops 2.2% and Potsey drops 1.2%. Eurostocks 50 loses 2.4% and Stokes 600 drops 1.1%.

British Real Estate Company Persimon At the bottom of the Stokes 600 with a decline of 8.5%, a few days after publishing annual reports with an impressive increase in profits and revenue. Hugo Boss Loses in Frankfurt 6.9% and also Wiz Air , Intesa San Paulo , Volvo , Renault , Rolls Royce , barbaric andSociety General Losing height in the various continental stock exchanges.

On Wall Street, too, declines on futures contracts intensified, with contracts on the S&P 500 and Dow Jones down 0.8% and the Nasdaq down 1.1%. Amazon Prominent in the early trading arena with a 5.6% increase after reporting a split.


The declines in Europe are strengthening to about 2% in the Dax and Kak indices, Potsey sheds 1%. Wall Street futures are down 0.4% -0.5%, and bond yields are weakening slightly.

In commodities, the price of oil has already jumped to close to 5%, rising to $ 116.3 a barrel of Brent and $ 113 a barrel of American oil (WTI). Gold is down 0.3% to $ 1,984 an ounce. Prices of wheat, cotton and rice fall by about 2%, the price of alumina is cut by 4.5%.


The declines in European stock indices are intensifying. Dax is down 1.5%, Kak is down 1.4% and Potsey is down 0.7%. General stock indices, Eurostocks 50 and Stokes 600, are also losing ground. The negative trend is also growing in trading on Wall Street futures, where the leading indices are down 0.6% each.

The oil market is up nearly 3%, with Brent rising to $ 114 a barrel.

U.S. government bond yields have also declined. The yield on the 10-year bond decreases by 3 points to 1.91%, the yield on the two-year bond decreases by 2 points to 1.65%.


Trading on European stock markets opened in declines, following the strong gains recorded yesterday in the major indices. Dax lost about 1% after jumping about 8% yesterday, Kak shed 0.8% and the British Potsy weakened by 0.4%. The pan-European Eurostox 50 loses 1.1%.

In Frankfurt there are marked declines toDeutsche Bank , Continental , SAP , puma andAdidas . Persenius, Henkel andSiemens Energy Cost a little. In France, too, banks are losing ground, among them Credit Agricole , BNP Priva andSociety General While a stock Vivendi Increases by 1%. In London HSBC is cut by 3.3%.

In the crypto market, the declines continue, with Bitcoin losing about 6.5% and trading around $ 39,000 – a decrease of about $ 3,000 since yesterday’s production.

In Asia, there was a positive close: the Shanghai index rose 1.2%, Shenzhen advanced 2.2% and Heng Seng added 1.1%. In Taiwan and Seoul, there were significant increases of 2.5% and 2%, respectively. PetroChina imitated 4% in Hong Kong while Bank of China, Shiomi, Lenovo and Gili strengthened. Samsung climbed 2.5% in Seoul.


Trading in Tokyo closed with a sharp rise of about 4% in the flagship index, Nikkei. The car manufacturer Nissan, which jumped 8.6%, stood out in particular, and Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi Motors, Sony and Nikon also recorded high increases.

Futures on Wall Street stock indices are still trading down 0.2%.


Trading on the Asian stock markets is taking place this morning in a strong positive trend. The Nikkei is up 3.7%, up 4% earlier, Heng Seng is up 0.7%, Seoul is up 1.7%, Shanghai is up 1.3% and Shenzhen is up 2.4%. The Australian flag index rose 1.1%.

Mitsubishi Finance rises 3.3% in Tokyo, Nissan soars 8% and Toyota, Mitsubishi Motors, Softbank, Z Holdings, Sony, Panasonic and Mazda record nice gains.

The rises in the crypto market have ended and Bitcoin is losing about 5% and once again falling below the $ 40,000 currency threshold. Atherium shed 4.3% and dropped to $ 2,594. In the oil market, prices rose again, after falling by about 12% last night. Brent is up 2% to $ 113.4 a barrel and U.S. oil is up less than 1% to $ 109.6 a barrel. In the commodities segment, gold cut 3% yesterday continues to decline and is trading around $ 1,980 an ounce. Yesterday during the day it soared to a level of about $ 2,070 – an all-time record.

Futures on major Wall Street stock indices are trading down slightly, with 10-year government bond yields hovering around 1.95%. The positive momentum continued on Wall Street as well Led by technology giants and airlines, at the end of the day NASDAQ jumped 3.6%.

After closing last night the retail giant Amazon Announced a split of its shares at a rate of 20 to 1 and jumped 6.6% in late trading. Its share price closed last night at $ 2,785, so if the split (which actually happens in June) had occurred now the price would have dropped to $ 139. It also reported a $ 10 billion self-acquisition plan. This is Amazon’s first split since 1999.

In the macro segment, today (14:45 Israel time) the interest rate decision will be published in the EU – when according to forecasts it will remain honest at zero level – as well as US inflation data (15:30), where according to the forecast the consumer price index rose by 0.8% In February alone and at an annual rate of 7.9%, an increase rate that has not been observed for decades.

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