Merchants must offer electronic means of payment from 1 July

Customers must have access to an electronic payment method beginning July 1, 2022. This is mentioned in a bill introduced by Minister of Finance Vincent Van Peteghem (CD&V), which received House approval on Thursday. There were 78 yes votes, 16 no votes, and 36 abstentions.

Merchants have complete control over which electronic payment methods they accept. This could be a standard payment terminal, but it could also be a smartphone app or a transfer.

On the opposition benches, not everyone was convinced; Vlaams Belang, PVDA, and cdH, for example, had reservations about the cost of the duty for traders and the ramifications for individuals who don’t know how to use apps. The minister stated that the customer must always have a choice, and that cash must always be accepted.

The measure is part of a larger scheme that includes tax provisions and anti-fraud measures. The text’s goal is to provide tax inspectorates more influence by forming far-reaching relationships with the Public Prosecution Service and other inspectorates as part of interdisciplinary investigation teams. As a result, a minimum of 25 personnel, mostly from the BBI administration, are assigned the role of judicial police officer.

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