Report: The Russians kidnapped another Ukrainian mayor, at least 9 were killed in a bomb blast in Lviv


The mayor of southern Ukraine has been arrested and kidnapped by the Russian military, the Ukrainian foreign minister updated on his Twitter account. Kolba wrote that Yabhan Matbayev, the mayor of Dniprodona, had been abducted by Russian soldiers.

Recall that last Friday, the mayor of Litopol Ivan Fidorov was also arrested by the Russian army.


Ukraine’s governor of Lviv announced nine dead and 57 wounded in a Russian attack on the “International Center for Peace and Security” military base in which the Ukrainian army is training alongside NATO armies. About 50 kilometers southwest of Leviv and about 25 kilometers from the Ukrainian border with Poland.The attack took place around 6:00 a.m. local time.Early reports indicated only 8 missiles.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Rezniko said foreign military guides were working at the Belviv compound and that it was still unclear if they were at the scene when the Russian attack took place.


The Russian military has launched a missile strike on a large Ukrainian military facility near the Ukrainian-Polish border this morning, according to Ukrainian government reports. Alarms aroused the citizens of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, early in the morning.

“Russian occupation forces have launched an air strike on the International Center for Peace and Security in the city of Yavoriv,” the Leviv district regional military said in a statement. “According to information received, eight missiles were fired.” “Preliminary reports have been received that there are no casualties, but information on the wounded is still clear,” said Anton Mironovich, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Army Army Forces.

The 360-kilometer-long attacked military facility is located about 25 kilometers from the border with Poland and is one of the largest military facilities in western Ukraine. Ukraine conducts most of its training with NATO countries in this facility.

The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk, who is also in western Ukraine, has announced that Russian troops are continuing to bomb the city’s airport. However, no casualties have been reported so far.

The Russian army also destroyed an ammunition depot and a military base of the Ukrainian Air Force near Vasilkiv, in the district of the capital Kyiv.

Chernihiv Mayor Vyacheslav Chaus, who is about 150 kilometers northeast of Kiev, said in a video from the ruins in the city that “Ukraine still exists, and it will win.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zlansky has warned the Russian military that he is facing a battle to the death if he tries to occupy Kyiv. “If they try to carpet and simply erase the history of the area … and destroy us all, then they will enter Kiev. If that is their goal, let them enter, but they will have to live on this land alone,” Zlansky said on Saturday.

Zlansky, who has repeatedly appeared live on social media from the capital Kyiv, said some of the country’s small towns no longer exist in the third week of the invasion. The Russian shelling captured thousands and besieged major cities in the country, creating a refugee crisis with about 2.5 million Ukrainians who had already fled to neighboring countries.

Moscow denies that the military has targeted the civilian population since they began invading Ukraine and even blames the Ukrainians for the failure to evacuate the cities. In Ukraine and Western countries deny the claim and note that the Russians continue to shell both humanitarian routes and civilian population in cities.

Following a three-week battle, the United States has announced that it will provide Ukraine with a $ 200 million military aid package that will include personal weapons, anti-tank missiles and aircraft. Westernization of equipment and weapons to Ukraine, which the Russian military considered “legitimate targets.” Although Rivkov made the remarks at the TASS news agency, he did not specifically threaten attacks on military aid convoys, which could only increase tensions in the region.

Between the fighting incidents, mediation talks between Moscow and Kiev continued throughout the weekend, according to a press release from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Peskov did not give specific details, but his Ukrainian counterpart Foreign Minister Dmitry Kolba said that Kyiv would not surrender or accept a Russian ultimatum.

The British Ministry of Defense reports on the advance of Russian forces about 25 kilometers outside Kiev, while the cities of Chernihiv, Sumy, and the Black Sea port of Mariupol are still completely besieged by Russian military shelling. Provided accurate information regarding combat.

At the same time, humanitarian corridors across the country are still planned to be opened today in order to rescue a civilian population and provide medical assistance. On Saturday, about 13,000 people were rescued from the country, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Varachuk announced. The governor of Donetsk Oblast announced that the incessant shelling of the Russians complicates the attempts to aid Mariupol, and that fires broke out in the western part of the city, buildings were significantly damaged. At least 1,582 of the city’s citizens were killed as a result of the Russian shelling and the 12 – day siege of the city, according to data from the regional council from last Friday.

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