The private plane of the oligarch Roman Abramovich landed in Israel

A private plane used by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich landed this evening (Sunday) at Ben Gurion Airport, after taking off from Moscow in the afternoon; This is according to the flight data published on sites that monitor world aviation. Abramovich, who has Russian citizenship and Israeli and Portuguese passports, is at the center of international sanctions due to his ties to the Kremlin and the replica revenues of companies under his control for the Russian regime. Abramovich has real estate assets in Israel, he is considered a donor to health and education institutions, and as mentioned, he has Israeli citizenship. His landing in Israel may put the government in a position of conflict with Europe and the United States.

Due to the sanctions imposed on him, Abramovich is unable to enter the UK, where he has lived in recent years. In Portugal, an investigation has been opened against the rabbi of the Jewish community in Porto on suspicion of involvement in an illegal procedure for issuing a Portuguese passport for the Russian oligarch. His private jet has been in Turkey until the last few days, from where he took off for Moscow yesterday, and now he has landed in the country. It is unclear if the billionaire himself is on the plane. The aircraft, a Golf-Stream model, is registered in Luxembourg and its call sign is “LX-RAY”. It is not clear if the plane is owned by Roman Abramovich or if he rents it.

The British government’s official justification for the sanctions said Abramovich “has a close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin for decades.” The government also writes that the EVRAZ company owned by Abramovich provides huge revenues to the Russian government which in turn uses them for the war in Ukraine.

Abramovich’s estimated fortune is over $ 15 billion, ahead of the sanctions imposed on him. He is currently trying to sell the English football club “Chelsea” which he owned and moved with the outbreak of the war to management by trustees. In an attempt to evade sanctions, it has been reported in the UK that Abramovich is trying to mediate between Russia and Ukraine. In recent days, it has been reported that Yad Vashem has suspended its cooperation with Abramovich, which included a generous contribution from the billionaire.

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