The Minister for the Care of the Village, Milan Krkobić, stated today that they are actively working to bring the living conditions of the inhabitants of the villages closer to the villagers, as well as to make all types of services available to them – administrative, health, educational, but also cultural and sports. facilities.

Minister Krkobabic addressed the deputies and citizens at the session of the Assembly of Serbia, after the Government, on the initiative of the Ministry of Rural Care, passed two new decrees for improving the quality of life and work of the rural population, the ministry said in a statement.

The first regulation refers to the establishment of a grant program for the purchase of minibuses for the transport of rural population in Serbia and it provides for the allocation of grants for the purchase of minibuses that will serve exclusively for the transport of population from one village to another, or from village to city. that is, the municipal headquarters.

120 million dinars have been allocated for this program in the budget, and its realization solves the basic needs of the rural population, in order to enable a better quality of life in rural areas, better connectivity and meet the needs of the population of administrative, educational and medical character.

The announcement states that the applicants for the public competition are local self.government units from the entire territory of Serbia, and the maximum amount of funds for these purposes per one application is seven million dinars.

The Decree on determining the grant program for organizing the event called “Miholjski susreti sela” envisages a or event that can be held in all populated places.villages on the territory of Serbia, outside city, municipal headquarters and suburban settlements.

The applicants for the public competition are local self.government units from the entire territory of Serbia, which design the program of the event, duration and place of the event, it is stated in the announcement.

Activities in which the population of the village from the territory of one local self.government unit participates can be in the field of dramatic arts, literature, literary skills and other arts, holding sports competitions, promoting the preservation and improvement of old crafts and cultural and artistic heritage, making works of art. as well as other activities in which the villagers can show their knowledge and skills and compete in them.

The budget for this program is 43 million dinars, and the goal is to enrich the social and sports life of the inhabitants in the villages, nurture the traditional way of life and cultural and historical heritage, and the maximum amount of approved funds per application will be up to 500,000 dinars.

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