NBS: Enough foreign exchange in exchange offices, financial system stable

The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) announced today that the financial stability of the country is not endangered in any way and that there is enough foreign exchange in the exchange offices, and that there should be no panic.

“The goal of the stories about the lack of foreign exchange and effective foreign money is to encourage instability in the domestic financial system,” the NBS stated, on the occasion of some media reports that there is no foreign exchange in exchange offices.

It is added that the NBS indicates that stability is not in any way, nor will it be endangered.

In an environment where, as stated, there are no other pressures, when both domestic companies and non-residents usually perform transactions in the domestic foreign exchange market, when there is no pressure from foreign investors, citizens are panicking and need to buy foreign currency and cash.

“It is the only factor of depreciation pressures and increasing demand for foreign currency, which increases the price in
exchange offices, causes a temporary shortage of foreign currency, only in certain places that are already functioning normally the next day, “the statement said.

There is enough money in the system, both in dinars and in foreign currency, in accounts and in cash, as stated.

“The flow of money circulating to the farthest exchange office or post office in Serbia should not be hindered. If someone needs to get cash for a regular life, for business, that’s fine, but the NBS appeals that there is no need to keep money at home instead of in banks.” , it is stated in the announcement.

It is added that money is safest to keep in banks where it is insured, and not in houses, and that citizens do not need irrational behavior to harm themselves.

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