More than 20 million Argentines bought online last year

After making the jump during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the Argentine e-commerce sector continued its growth path last year. During 2021 more than 20 million Argentines chose to buy online and the turnover of the sector increased 68%, above inflation from last year.

According to data from the CACE (Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce), online purchases reached the record figure of $1.5 billion.

In the eleventh annual report prepared by the business group, it is shown that 381 million units were sold last year, 52% more than in the previous year, through 196 million purchase orders (20% more than in 2020 ), and the average purchase receipt was $7,757.

Of the total of more than 20 million people who bought online in the last year, 42% do it occasionally, every two or three months; while 20% are daily buyers, who consume between once a week or once a month.

Unlike what happened during the pandemic, with the restoration of “away from home” activities, regular consumers, who make purchases every week, fell 10%.

“This lower online activity can be explained by the gradual return to face-to-face activities: during 2021, Argentine online buyers they went out to eat more (18% vs. 6% in 2020), went to the movies more (10% vs. 6% in 2020), and visited more physical stores to buy footwear and clothing (17% vs 11% in 2020)”, highlighted the CACE.

What do they buy and how do Argentines pay?

The five items with more turnover during 2021 they were audio, image, consoles, IT and telephony equipment; followed by food, beverages, and cleaning and household items such as furniture and décor. Driven by the Pre-Travel Program, the sale of Tickets and Tourism also stood out in the last year and multiplied almost threefold what had been registered in 2020.

Finally, the category of household appliances (white and brown line) was located. With $112,102 million, which grew 66% compared to 2020.

With the return to normality, some items presented extraordinary growth, such as the sales of tickets to shows, which multiplied by five what it had registered a year ago; clothing and accessories for cars and motorcycles.

By focusing on the ways chosen to pay, the credit card remains the most used means by Argentines: 76% of online purchases are paid for with plastics and only 11% with cash.

“Although the growth of 2021 was more moderate than the previous year, we observe that beyond the gradual return to normality, Argentine consumers incorporated the e-commerce as a habitwhich alternate with the physical premises.

On the other hand, for 60% of the companies surveyed, ecommerce already represents more than 10% of their salesa reason that has led them to invest in infrastructure and incorporate personnel for business development,” said Gustavo Sambucetti, Institutional Director of CACE.

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