A new branch of Erste Bank opened in Novi Sad, a combination of digital and advisory concept

Erste Bank announced today that it has opened a new branch in Novi Sad in line with the needs of clients and the bank to do more and more business digitally.

The new branch is a combination of digital and advisory concept because everyday banking is increasingly done online, which creates more time for personal contact and advisory support to clients. It is intended primarily for advisory services, with maximum efficiency, flexibility and comfort it does not resemble a conventional branch, “the statement said.

It is added that the new branch has implemented digital solutions and technologies that make business easier and faster, with as few queues as possible.

The focus is on the advisory concept because clients have more space and time to talk to banking advisors about financial needs and plans, in order to reach the best financial decisions.

“I am very happy to open a branch in Novi Sad in the year when it proudly holds the title of European Capital of Culture. We are pleased that the bank is a partner in this project that will present Novi Sad and our country on the European cultural map in the best light,” said the President. Erste Bank Executive Board Slavko Carić.

He assessed that the need for financial support through financial literacy and counseling has increased recently, not only because of the crisis caused by the corona virus, but also because of the accelerated digitalization.

Although many banking transactions, he said, can be done by mobile phone, advising and making good money decisions remain prerequisites for creating progress and sustainability, both personally and professionally.

Within the branch there is also a self-service zone with an ATM, which is available non-stop and also contains a payment ATM for legal entities.

The branch is equipped with an interactive screen with educational and entertaining contents, and children who are waiting for their parents to do banking can have fun with numerous toys.

Director of the Novi Sad Regional Center Nino Stameski said that Erste Bank, in order to be “one step ahead of everyone, in this branch, with an area of ​​just over 200 square meters, has implemented digital solutions and technologies that make business easier and faster for customers.” , a simpler and completely different banking experience “.

“Simultaneously with the technological aspect, this new branch concept is focused on the future of banking, individual approach and commitment, as well as providing advisory services to citizens, current and future clients of the bank,” Stameski said.

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