More care prices, withholdings and control of fruits and vegetables

Despite the fact that the oil industry approached the Government with a menu of options to avoid the end of a tariff difference which lives like a twilight for its activity, the President will announce today the rise in these withholdings together with an increase in careful prices and controls on the fruit and vegetable trade 80% of which is done in black.

As far as it transpired, the range of ideas is not very wide or original. Of course there may be surprises.

With the money from the withholdings,EU rise from 31 to 33% for soybean oil and flour and that at current prices mean US$ 420 million, will be fed a compensation fund to subsidize wheat to mills.

that background will be in charge of the Secretary of Commerce, Roberto Feletti.

As for fruits and vegetables, they will also create a state fund to promote control and money laundering. The measure, as was conjectured yesterday, will start in the Central Market, which is the concentrator of that trade managed in a tripartite manner by the Province, the City and the national Government.

Regarding the increase in withholdings that will be applied to 25% of the country’s total exports, It already generated a reaction.

The measure prompted the entities of the field to give the green light to the producers for assemblies without roadblocks in the interior.

Today The self-convened in San Pedro return to the charge, an act called to become a sounding board.

Everything takes place in a framework in which the Government Between February 15 and yesterday, due to the higher prices of grains, it benefited from an extra income from withholdings of US$ 1,300 million.

The oil producers, in order to prevent the increase in withholdings, which decreases their purchasing power of soybeans and that the producers it will mean receiving US$ 16 less per ton, They proposed to anticipate the payment of that tax. It would be for a year.

The idea excited the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, to such an extent that He took her to the Casa Rosada. They didn’t hear it.

For the businessmen consulted yesterday by Clarion This artillery has little taste in the face of a phenomenon such as inflation, which also feeds on the imported component.

There is also not much expectation with the small table that Alberto Fernández called informally until yesterday to the head of the UIA, Daniel Funes de Rioja and the heads of the CGT. In the business vision it was more a gesture of close up after the signing of the new minimum wage that contemplates a 45% increase when the CGT wanted much more and the industrialists had imposed themselves as a ceiling, 42%.

Marcelo Fernández of the CGE, a businessman related to the ruling party, assures that “no effort is enough in terms of salary in the face of rising prices. “People spend almost everything on eating and paying taxes.” confess to this newspaper.

In Copal, which brings together food companies, they talk about a complex scenario with a global increase in food that the FAO of the United Nations stands at 3.5% since the Russian invasion of Ukraine was unleashed. Of course, they emphasize that there is a climate of dialogue with companies.

An example, next Tuesday Funes de Rioja will receive Governor Axel Kicillof with a lunch.

Meanwhile the companies prepare for another war.

The imported components of the chemical and petrochemical industry are priceless and logistics problems continue. And there is fear that the reactivation will deflate to the beat of an excessive price of gas. The industries, which are seen come the cuts this winter they are already putting together schemes of hour banks to license employees who, when the cold weather goes away, can return the hours not worked.

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