The company Geox in Vranje informed the workers that a decision had been made to initiate the procedure of liquidation and closure of the company, Vranje Online Magazine (VOM) announced today.

Along with the explanations about the continuous decline in production, which was additionally reduced during the pandemic period, it is also stated that the workers are terminated, and that they will be individually provided with a decision on termination of employment.

This announcement is the first official address to the employees of the company in Vranje.

After two months of speculation and confirmation from the state leadership, the Italian factory is definitely leaving Vranje, while the employees will be able to exercise the right to compensation through the National Employment Service, according to VOM.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, as a guest last night in the RTS daily, announced the arrival of a new investor in Vranje, and that 80 percent of Geox workers who lost their jobs will get a new job.

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