At least 816 civilians have been killed so far in Ukraine


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has reported 816 verified civilian deaths. The Ukrainian government announced this morning that 112 children have been killed so far in the war with Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to justify the invasion of Ukraine yesterday, but his speech was abruptly interrupted by state television, in what the Kremlin later described as a “technical error.”

According to a CNN report, tens of thousands took part in celebrations yesterday marking the eighth anniversary of Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula. During a rally at a stadium in Moscow, Putin said “Russia will definitely implement all its plans” in Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zlansky released a video early in the morning calling on the Russians to continue negotiations: “It’s time to talk,” he said. “I want everyone to hear me now, especially in Moscow – it’s time to meet, talk, restore territorial integrity and justice to Ukraine, otherwise Russia will face losses that several generations will not have enough to get back from.”

At the same time, hundreds are still buried under the ruins of the theater in Mariupol: Zalansky said yesterday that 130 people have so far been rescued from the theater bombed in Mariupol on Wednesday, where hundreds of people took refuge. According to Zalansky, rescue operations are continuing at the scene, and hundreds of people are apparently still buried under the rubble.

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