The Prime Minister Ana Brnabić stated today in Bojnik that the time has come to strengthen domestic investors, without giving up foreign investors at the same time.

Brnabic said that the Government of Serbia is always ready to provide support for projects and initiatives of local authorities.

She mentioned that “the only thing we must not allow” is that everything depends on the republican government and Belgrade.

“It is up to the local self.government to recognize what good projects are,” she said in front of a crowd of people in the zone in the village of Kosančić near Bojnik, who waited for her arrival in the sun for an hour and a half.

Brnabic assessed that Serbia has relied on foreign investors for too long.

She added that it would be good to spend that time and money on educating domestic businessmen so that, as she said, “for example, they would be subcontractors”.

“That is why I think that it is a huge responsibility for the local self.government to propose good projects, and not just to rely on direct foreign investments, which are certainly very good, they bring new knowledge and new technologies,” said Brnabić.

According to her, in Serbia we have to start believing more in domestic knowledge, skills and abilities.

After Sijarinska Banja, the municipality of Lebane and the archeological site Caricin grad, the Prime Minister today visited the 53.hectare zone in Kosancic, for the infrastructure of which the European Union set aside one million, and the Serbian government an additional 219,000 euros.

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