Inflation rate in Israel rose to 3.5%

The Central Bureau of Statistics reported an increase in the consumer price index in Israel in February 2022 by 0.7%, higher than analysts’ forecasts, which had expected growth of 0.5%.

The inflation rate since the beginning of the year was 0.9%, and over the past 12 months – 3.5%, which is a record high since 2009.

The main items of the rise in prices are vegetables and fruits (5.3%), transport (1.9%), expenses for the maintenance of an apartment (1.1%) and food (0.6%). Clothes and footwear fell in price by 2.6%.

It should be emphasized that we are talking about the February rise in prices, announced back in December-January, which were superimposed on rising oil prices. The rise in prices associated with the war in Ukraine will fall into the March index, which will be published on April 15.

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