Chinese Foreign Minister on War: “We are on the right side of history”


The Mariupol Telegram channel, in collaboration with city authorities and members of the Ukrainian Supreme Rada, reports that Russian forces bombed an art school in the city this morning where about 400 civilians were hiding.

A statement from the city council’s telegram channel said that “women, children and adults are still trapped under the rubble” at the G12 School of the Arts in Mariupol which was completely destroyed. The school is located in the city’s left bank district and the number of people killed in the shelling is not yet clear.

The Ukrainians accused Russia of war crimes in a telegram report, repeating President Volodymyr Zalansky’s remarks from a public video he uploaded earlier, in which he said “the siege of Mariupol will be remembered in history as responsible for war crimes.”

Russia and the Kremlin have not yet responded to allegations about the bombing and local reports from Mariupol cannot yet be verified for the time being.


Chinese Foreign Minister Wong Yi says China is on the “right side of history” and will continue to fight sanctions against Russia. China’s position today is considered “neutral”: it says it respects Ukraine’s desire for independence over its entire territory, but also Russia’s “security considerations”. China did not condemn Russia’s activities and did not refer to the events as an “invasion.” Wong Yi continues to deny that China is considering supplying weapons to Russia.

More than 6,600 Ukrainians have been evacuated from besieged cities through eight humanitarian corridors, Ukrainian President Zalansky said. According to the Mariupol City Council, thousands of city residents were taken to Russia against their will, where they were “re-placed” in distant cities.

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