` – Sharp drop in registrations in July. The cars sold were 110,292, with a drop of 19.4% compared to 136,768 in the same month last year. The balance from the beginning of the year however remains positive. Since the beginning of the year, 995,239 cars have been registered, 38% more than the 721,004 of the same period of 2021.

Stellantis registered 39,779 cars in July, 20.3% less than the 49,884 a year earlier. The market share increased from 36.5 to 36.1%. In the seven months, the group sold 390,897 cars, 39.4% more than the 280,368 in the same period of 2021. In this case, the market share rises to 39.3% from 38.9%.

Unrae: too few resources for incentives

The car market is collapsing: the decline is significant not only in the same month of 2019 but also in July 2020, the year of the pandemic. Unrae underlines this, explaining that the decrease compared to 136,768 registrations in July 2020, which still did not even benefit from the incentives of the Relaunch Law, is 19.4%, while towards 153,331 units in July 2019 the decrease is 28.1 %.

“The bad news of the further collapse of the market is accompanied by the approval in Parliament of the refinancing of the incentives for scrapping” explains Unrae, which highlights “the scarcity of the resources allocated, absolutely insufficient to adequately manage the transition towards decarbonisation”.

Promotor: Incentives will curb fall

Promotor has a different opinion that the new incentives that have just entered into force will slow down the fall. The July figure is particularly negative both due to the end of the effect of the incentives that can be booked until April 8, and due to the expectation of the new incentives that have just entered into force. These incentives will avoid the collapse in demand for cars which had begun to manifest itself in July and which in the absence of interventions could have been dramatic in the last part of the year.

With the incentives in force, according to the estimates of the Centro Studi Promotor, the the Italian car market could close 2021 substantially in line with the result of the first half and therefore at 1,566,000 registrations for the whole year with a decrease of 18.3% on 2019.

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